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Are servers down or wth?

LudwixLudwix Member UncommonPosts: 73

I just downloaded and started playing, played for 1h and dc. Now i cant conncet to the "universe server" after login on spellbron account.

btw is this game dead, i didnt see many players playing it in 1st village. And chat was empty.

Sorry for my eanglish.


  • dar_es_balatdar_es_balat Member Posts: 438

    Yes servers are down.   Unplanned outage.  The entire tcos domain at acclaim is down.  Probably loss of a piece of hardware on their side.  Likely the gateway.


    The game isnt dead.  Ive run into quite a few players.  I had 4 new people join my guild today.  The game is growing, slowly and quietly.  This is likely going to be a sleeper hit once redevelopment hits and its advertised again.

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  • MelanaMelana Member Posts: 32

    it seems that the servers are down again =(

  • kingtommyboykingtommyboy Member Posts: 543

    ah damn,  i just wanted to download it..

    website is still offline

    ah well, i'll try it tomorrow

    waiting for ... nothing..

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