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First Impression...Nostalgic

adoniskevadoniskev Member Posts: 92

     It has been about two years since I last set foot in, "The World of Warcraft."  From Runes of Magic to korean games like Perfect World International; the nostalgic feeling of immersion was finally felt in a long while.  While the graphics are similiar to that of previous titles which to many might find  annoying, I can really say, "who really cares its FREEEEEE." 

     Regardless of the micro transactions this will ultimately be the trend that every new game will start to follow and even the mighty Blizzard is testing the waters.  Regardless of the similarities I actually enjoyed the first levels, but most importantly was the first time in a while where I stopped questing and explored the land and was feeling nostalgic. 

     While its not Crysis, the art direction, voice effects, character styles etc...blend in very well.  While I was a little irked at the absence of a map on my screen, the little things really did not bother me.  I was too involved with the visuals to really pay attention.  This is truly a Kingdom Hearts concept with a bit of flare...

    Without comparing this game to any I would recommend everyone to try it.  Perhaps there is a tiny bit of hope that many players will appreciate the art direction, even though not original but very well thought out.. to sit back and enjoy something that we have paid for a long time that is now free...if you catch my drift.







  • lordpenquinlordpenquin Member Posts: 129

    Actually the game reminded me instantly of Warhammer as opposed to WoWsnoore.  As long as the item shop doesn't ruin it, this could be the best looking and most fun to play free to play game out there.  I used to think Runes of Magic was decent for free but now it's graphics / performance are childish compared to Allods.    I enjoy the abilities of the classes and I LOVE the art style, especially The Empire.

  • ukrainiumukrainium Member Posts: 4

    It's a shocker to say the least... it's kind of been flying under the radar, which is probably a good thing. It'll be nice to enjoy it before the Warcraft drones get over here and accuse it of being another "clone".

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