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I'm ready for the flames from the big RPers

I need a heavy PvP game, but not something that requires you to grind for 8 hours straight to gain a level..... (Aion lol). I love that game, but I hate the grinding. With that being said, that would also mean that they put some emphasis on PvE too.... suggestion please. I know this has probably been posted numerous times.


  • xLosxxSoulxxLosxxSoulx Member Posts: 11

    Oops wrong section :S

  • CorthalaCorthala Member UncommonPosts: 283


    "you are like the world revenge on sarcasm, you know that?"

    One of those great lines from The Secret World

  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

     Why does everyone (wrongly) assume RP players don't like PvP?

    Bans a perma, but so are sigs in necro posts.

    EAT ME!

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