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Korgath Progression Reroll

ReflexaReflexa Member Posts: 1




-- To become a top contending guild on a selected server

-- Create 2-3 10 man raiding groups.

-- Create a solid 25 man raiding team to clear all high end content.

[b]Recruitment Status[/b]

Applicants should be aware that acceptance to the guild does not guarantee them a raid spot, and that raid spots must be earned by demonstrating competency, skill, and a sufficient knowledge of their class.

Transfers are open and we are taking any at the moment!

[b]Current Needs[/b]

Druid: Open

Hunter: Open

Mage: Open

Paladin: Open

Priest: Shadow

Rogue: Open

Shaman: Open

Warlock: Open

Warrior: Closed

Death Knight: Closed


[b]Raid Schedule and Progression[/b]

-- Raids will be held on Tuesday-Thursdays and Sunday

-- Raid Invites will go out at 7:45pm Cst

-- Raid times will be 8:00pm till 11:00pm Cst

-- Loot: Loot will be divided via EPGP.

-- We are not interested in loot hogs, beggars, or the like.

[b]Membership Expectations[/b]

To join <Kaizen> you must be willing to put effort into your new character and the guild.

[b]Our ideal recruits:[/b]

-- Enjoy playing WoW as much as we do.

-- Have a strong interest in endgame content.

-- Log on for raids.

-- Will hold a 75% or better raid attendance

-- Can handle wiping numerous times to learn an encounter.

-- Can provide consistent performance throughout an entire raid.

-- Will familiarize themselves with upcoming raid encounters ahead of time.

-- Use Ventrilo, DBM, and Omen.

-- Criticism - Be able to take it. If you are not pulling your part, we will let you know - and suggest a remedy.

@*, or do other intolerable things you will be talked to by an officer and the necessary actions will be taken.

Guild Site up and running:

[b]Contact Info: [/b]

Guild E-mail: [email protected]

MSN: [email protected]

AIM: reroll123

yahoo: reroll123

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any of the following officers via pm or post in this thread.

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