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Habbo is not an MMO, doesn't deserve to be here!

AzerkeruthAzerkeruth Member Posts: 7

"The game is not good", I KNOW.  It is really terrible because you have these people asking "Give me furni!" or "Your a noob". There's no fighting, but yes there is blocking! This isn't considered an MMO of some sort, it's considered a chat area.


  • It's not a game, it's not a mmo, It's Real World Trading.

  • srrsmrsrrsmr Member Posts: 2

    {mod edit}

    I also feel this game lacks the key elements needed to label it an MMORPG.  Though there is some element of RP, I feel it resonates more along the lines of a poor Sims clone than an MMORPG.

  • Basil90Basil90 Member Posts: 6

    Habbo is a chat room game, but it's graphical where you can move and make rooms that seem life like. People really shouldn't be complaining that it isn't an MMO, because technically it is.MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. A lot of people still play Habbo and new people are coming to enjoy it. Around 10,000 online users are on per day for more than an hour so technically you can't say it isn't massive. It is multiplayer because you're interacting with other people and of course it's online. This website is an MMO and MMORPG listing website/fourm. Not just MMORPG and I don't think the people that manage this site are dumb.

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