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Idea for Terminator MMO

Would this work? Here goes,

It would be set post judgment day, you do quests for John Connor and other resistence leaders, theres only 1 faction but theres a reason for that, run of the mill questing and leveling xp npc enemies will be AI controlled, but the big baddies like the giant killer robot from the movie will be GM controlled..Every week maybe once or twice we have a GM control a boss level machine like that into towns or busy questing areas to wreck havoc. Skynet itself on each server will be represented by the supervising lead GM, who would organize armys of terminators to attack strategic places.

The game would be FPS but not the poopy kind like fallen earth, more fast paced akin to halo with enemies (besides the giant robots) having the same kind of AI as enemys in halo, pretty much trying to give the game a feeling that you are never really safe, and that your fighting a very dangerous and cunning enemy in Skynet.

How would a game like this be recieved?


  • SynthetickSynthetick Member Posts: 977

    The movies are part of my childhood, grew up watching them, really enjoyed the atmosphere and environment back then, too. But I just don't think I could really get into it as far as an MMO is concerned, and pump hours and days into it. I'm semi-partial to the sci-fi genre of MMOs, especially FPS hybrids, but I don't see me liking the translation for that movie => MMO.

    You asked how it would be received, and that's how I would receive it at first, can't speak for anyone else, tho.



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