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[H] Semi-Hardcore CST Raiding Reroll LFM

NixishNixish Member UncommonPosts: 185

Systemic is a newly-established horde reroll guild on a chosen, but unannounced server. This server was hand-picked from over 20 prospects which have been thoroughly researched keeping horde population, server progression, battlegroup performance, server economy, and server stability our basic and necessary requirements. Our server of choice is not low population- a recipe for disaster because of a dismal recruitment pool. It is not a full server with latency issues, server queues, and impossible to match progression for a reroll. Have confidence in the fact many man-hours went into finding the best possible destination we have an opportunity to grow on and progress with at the same time.

Our founding core is a group of long-lasting friends who have all met in game at some point through our wow career and decided it was long overdue for a solid guild with high standards, grounded expectations, and had the support required to make it last beyond second base. Collectively, leadership in Systemic have cleared Naxx pre BC, lead successful raiding guilds for years, micromanaged every aspect of an orderly guild, and pushed the envelope for performance and quality.

We wish to refine our experiences in the form of a semi-hardcore horde reroll guild.


Raid times- 8pm-midnight CST

Raid days- Monday-Thursday

Loot system- Modified DKP


Limitation and reroll guidelines

Without coming off as a dictatorship, we have agreed on a few rules or limitations to the rerolling part itself in order to keep our ducks in a row. They are, but not limited to:

RAF: We realize that Recruit-A-Friend is a great tool to get to 60 in 15 hours or less. However the point and the key of a successful re-roll is the communal leveling where people get to know each other, make friends, and strengthen their place in and the identity of the guild. Therefore this guild WILL NOT allow using the RAF method until a later date.

Transferring alts: Unlike the RAF method, we do allow the transfer of alts for their professions, gold and heirlooms. The transferred characters however are not supposed to be your mains. You are here for a re-roll and not to raid with your 2700 GS characters. If that is the case, consider applying to a guild already in end game content.

DEATH KNIGHTS READ CAREFULLY: Since Death Knights have a starting level of 55 and level with High Speed in their Starting zone, we will allow Death Knights to finish their Starting zone, but expect them to stop and wait for the rest of the guild at this point. You may use this time to level up your Primary and Secondary Professions or, alternatively, you may start an alt and switch over to your Death Knight once the alt reaches level 55 and ignore the waiting time (you pulled ahead in a legitimate way).

Information on guild ranks and their responsibilities can be located here:

Raiding rules are located at:

Class Needs

Regardless of how seriously we take this game, the underlying fact is that it is a game. We want you to play the class and spec that you enjoy more than any other; play what you love. We temporarily have spots open for every class and spec, but it is only a matter of time before it’s restricted. As classes fill, this thread will be updated with more specific availability for each class.

Visit to see the initial list of class needs.


Attending raids is a no-brainer. We want to emphasize the importance of activity and participation outside of raids. We are looking for people who run heroics and 10-mans on off nights or before/after raids as well as, and most importantly, actively vocal in ventrilo.


If you feel you are a perfect fit for our guild, copy our template and submit an application.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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