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Anon Gaming

Anon Gaming

Republic Guild


About us

We are a gaming community dedicated to PvP combat but I can guarantee we will do some PvE as well. We run stuff like a democracy and our council will be representing our people. We have a ventrilo server and a guild site. Our Council will consist of 12 representatives which will represent about 10-20 members each. Come join us as we still need people to fill some council positions.


To become a member you must follow the following our simple rules like respect officers and others in the guild. We are a no drama guild and nothing will ever be tolerated.


Region: North America

Timezone: CST (CST is the timezone the raids we do will be planned in but accept all timezones)

We are a PvP & PvE guild - We have leaders for both and separate councils so our members can experience all its content

Ventrilo: A must

Registed on site: A Must

Age: 17+ (We only accept mature people so if you think your 15 or 16 and you follow rules and act mature we won't stop you from applying)

Just register an account through our website jump on vent if noone is their - arrange a time for us to have an interview VIA Vent or post an application up on our site we are currently recruiting all classes.


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