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IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

well having downloaded the german/euro client and making an account, played until LT rank 9 and lv 7 on the german side i can honestly say this game is just as giant pile of garbage as it was when the asian group hosted the global version.

nov 10th the game goes "gold" if you can call it that, and with the patch they are "narfing" the german tanks on gun reload and speed as well as tweekes to armor and such.

at the same time boosting the russians on damage and other bonuses (have to re-read the patch log for specs)

NOW that sounds all well and good, EXCEPT the game is hugely imbalanced towards russians. from lv 1-7 i have almost never been in a 2 vs 1 for germans (altho russian players claim it on the forums, one might add they are all high levels so perhaps lack of players cause that imbalance) the odd time the germans have more players then russians its do to a number of russians outleveling that map (they have level limits to maps 1-4 for novice 5-7 for skilled ect.) so honestly i wouldnt really call it increased players just players outleveling do to camping spawns ect.

if that total imbalance wasnt enough, the fact that german tanks (which are being narfed) already cant stand toe to toe with russians at lv 1-10 without dying 3 times to 1 russian makes the game highly unplayable, if you ignore the random lag spikes in the game (yes it lags pretty bad some times, where the tanks will zoom though buildings and mountains (both impassible) as well as people hitting your tank while on your screen their shell flew miles behind you gets very tiresome (ofcourse having played global blitz im used to that lame way to die)

the game really isnt fit for anything anymore, its 2.5D (eagle view wanna-be tank sim) there is no anti-cheat (they plan to add one at gold status... tho i fear it will be gamegaurd as that is the cheapest PoS anti-cheat software) so quite a few players are using cheats/exploits/hacks ingame to add to the already screwed up imbalances.

makes one beg the question.. if the admins actually play the game. the forum mods claim they do (but as most mmo forum mods are volunteers its natural for them to play being fanboys of the game they enjoy.. but who really knows about the actual paid staff.. i cant say, experiance in such matters tells me no they don't)

while at times the game does become enjoyable... and the prospect of the old maps being open finally (global had all maps open this version they are adding 3 at the few they have now) makes it sound tempting to continue playing.. but frankly unlike the global version where you knew where everyone stood this one... sounds like its flatter then a pancake

there is little point in playing currently where russians generally have a 2 vs 1 advantage in numbers not accounting for the fact from lv 1 russian tanks have higher damage and speed they can soak DPS and just wipe out germans left and right solo (seen it. lived though it) honestly TwoWars plans to sell items for this game such as tanks and xp/hp/dps/ect supplies .. only makes one think this game is a huge failure. (tanks should already be ingame not in an IM seeing as its a tank sim...)

and the imblanaces make it pointless paying for anything. SURE you can pay for a dmg mod for your tank but when your tank takes 2-3 hits from a lv 7 T24 before it dieds is it really worth it? a panzer 3 that requires 9+ hits on a T24 to kill it is surely dead before the russian.. no IM supplies will change that.

IMO this game is just as bad as it was in global worse right now as it seems most if not all of the players do not speak english (total english speakers i ran in to.. 4 ... total germans i fought beside... 20+ non-spoke at all..)

play the game if it sutes your ideal game... hell pay for the junk if you want.. ill toy with it after the patch see just how much lamer they have created the gap.. then leave it for something 30x better..


  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    OH for people who are wondering about the patch info. this is taken off their offical site/forums. (like to add having fought 2 vs 1 against a SU 72i i honestly dont think they need to boost it when it turned around and killed both me and the other german player even after we both shelled it to hell and back hitting with 300-400dmg criticals i might add)

    Starting Commercial Service of Blitz1941 !

    Nov 6 2009 4:16PM

    Dear Blitz1941 Fans,

    eFusion MMOG GmbH finally decided to start Commercial Service next week, at November 10th 2009.

    We hope many Blitz1941 fans will enjoy the Commercial Patch, Premium Items and Events.

    Followings are the patch details:

    1. Item Shop Opening: You can perform your battles better with these premium items.

    A. 5 Premium Tanks per nation: Special tanks with better abilities.

    B. DEF Booster/20 (Skill Item): Defense power increased by 10%.

    C. RESPEC Kit/1 (Skill Item): Skill reset item.

    D. DoubleUP/20 (Skill Item): Exp, Credit, VP increased by 100%.

    E. Astern Booster (Equip Item in tank slot): Tank's backward speed increased by forward 2 gear speed.

    F. Rescue Kit/20 (Skill Item): HP recovered instantly.

    G. EXP Boost/20 (Skill Item): Exp increased by 50%.

    H. VP Boost/20 (Skill Item): VP and Credit increased by 100%.

    I. Auto Hydrant (Equip Item in tank slot): Avoiding fire on tank and slowly recover HP.

    J. Respawn Accelerator (Equip Item in tank slot): Respawn speed decreased by 100%.

    K. Skill Accelerator (Equip Item in tank slot): Skill cooltime shorten by 20%.

    L. Supply Accelerator (Equip Item in tank slot): Item cooltime shorten by 20%.

    M. FPW Accelerator (Equip Item in tank slot): Bonus FPW by 50%/tick when using supply skill.

    N. HP Accelerator (Equip Item in tank slot): Bonus HP by 50%/tick when using repair skill.

    2. Prague, Kursk, Sevastopol open and map level range will be reorganized.

    3. Rewards will be 3 times more for occupying Field HQ.

    4. All bridges will be erased and replaced with ground.

    5. The bug that tanks cannot move on specific area in fields, will be fixed.

    6. The bug that tanks can fall into the water, will be fixed.

    7. Some UI change and error will be fixed.

    8. All building error texts in field will be fixed.

    9. The background music of capital will be changed.

    10. Anti-hacking function added. The tool users will be recorded and restricted to playing.

    11. All tank's range and speed are somehow decreased.

    12. German Tanks' abilities will be changed.

    A. PzKpfw II .L: Reload speed decreased by 10%.

    B. Pzkpfw III. F: Reload speed decreased by 5%.

    C. Marder III: HP 350 increased.

    D. Pzkpfw IV. F: Rear armor 15 increased, rear armor declination 16 degrees decreased.

    E. Pzkpfw IV. F2: Reload speed 5% decreased, front armor declination 18 degrees decreased, rear 11 degrees decreased.

    F. Hummel: HP 450 increased.

    G. Hetzer. D: Side armor 20 increased, rear armor 20 increased.

    H. Tiger I.E: Reload speed 5% decreased, turret speed 5% decreased.

    I. Tiger I.H: Reload speed 5% decreased.

    13. Soviet Tanks' abilities will be changed.

    A. SU-12: Rear armor 10 increased

    B. BT-5 1934: Front armor 2 increased

    C. M12 SP-GUN: Front armor 15 increased

    D. T34-76 1941: Front armor declination 10 degrees increased.

    E. T34-76 1942: Front armor declination 8 degrees increased.

    F. Bishop: Turret fixed and 10 degrees turning possible, damage 11 increased, range 2% increased.

    G. SU-101: Damage 20 decreased, front armor 10 decreased.

    H. KV-1s: Front armor 10 increased, HP 150 increased.

    Additionally the EXP boosting event and premium item lottery event will be started at November 10th, next week.

    Thank you and enjoy the patch.

    Blitz Team & TwoWar Team

  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    Is this realistic? (Tiger tanks owning anything at range other than T-72's)


    If it is i might take a look.

    MMO wish list:

    -Changeable worlds
    -Solid non level based game
    -Sharks with lasers attached to their heads

  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    i havent had much oppertunity to talk to high 20 lvl players who get the tigers and bummbards but from what i understand they dont own anything :/ alot of the russian tanks in blitz tho following some historical information tend to dominate german armor which at the time was noted for being godly.

    the high level armor tends to be more balanced in power/defence tho from what i remember from Blitz global and current version specs, but as i havent reached lv 20 i cant honestly say how effective it is vs its equal paring.

    game has a huge learning curve tho, and forget about getting any sort of joy from killing tanks in the mid levels.

    a sherman tank will rip a muser, and panzer 3 to ribbions before either can even get in range to shoot it.


    word of warning tho.. game hates windows 7... my game i had to mute as the sound went garbled as well its only max res is standard 1024 screens (so wide LCDs are shafted.. mine is a wide screen on 1680..)

  • scuubeedooscuubeedoo Member Posts: 458

    I am not time. Time is money. And i am not money either.

    "Traditionally, massively multiplier online games have been about three basic gameplay pillars – combat, exploration and character progression. In Alganon, in addition to these we've added the fourth pillar to the equation: Copy & Paste."

  • KineTiKKineTiK Member Posts: 1

    if you correctly read those patch notes you posted it would tell you a bunch of german tanks actually got boosted instead of nerfed.

    fyi. reduction of reload speed means they reload faster, not slower.

  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    This game is not that bad, the imba happens alot in other games too. You should give them your suggestions.

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