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Borderlands mmo player impressions

tboxtbox Member Posts: 372

First off i am a pretty big hatter on all games so keep that in mind. 


Played borderlands for a while  lvl 30 now.  Seems like a crappy version of a pve mmorpg.    Teamwork in Pve co op FPS games really needs some work.  There is a minimal amount of teamwork required. Nothing crazy.  Infact had no problems without even talking to other players.   The charcter customization really is not so in debth  even with class mods as you would like. Sure you can be like 3 different kinds of the same class but that is it.    Not very sandbox.    Quests are just typical shit.   The world is ok. Sterotypical post appoclispe.    Buildings and shit get reused.    Sorry if yall disagree.  It may be good compared to other FPS co op games but by no means great.  Felt like you could half ass blast your way through with your friends without really using good team work.   


I am getting pretty sick of the fact all post appocalipse worlds are set in Western U.S.  desert areas.  If a virus kills off 95% of man kind I bet there would still be trees and shit. 


Overall the game is just O.K. In my mind. Nothing amazing.  Is it better then some of the imagineless rehashed mmo's like Aion and such maybe.   


If the game added  armor, 10x more abilities with teamwork related flare and harder mobs I would respect the game more.

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