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Ys fans?

ThrakkThrakk Member Posts: 1,226

I haven't played a Ys game since Oath in Felghana but that game kicked superior ass. Yeah it's hack and slash but there is more reflex skill involved in Ys than Diablo for instance. In Diablo you move into a good position, hack'n'slash, and run back sometimes. In Ys games you need to have full control of your character's movement because of all the dodging and jumping. Just watch an awesome boss battle

The other reason I liked Oath in Felghana so much was because of the fast character speed and variety of attacks/moves which can be leveled up. (heck I'm still talking about this game and I haven't played Ys in over a year or two). Also the graphics are pretty cool and the amount of enemy variety is pretty good.

I oughta download Ys Origin because it was the last Ys release and I heard it was just as good if not better than the Oath in Felghana. Im looking forward to Ys Seven on the PSP as well.

Ys could stand to be improved in a few areas. I didn't care much for ps2's Ys Ark of Napishtim because the controls weren't especially good in this earlier game (the dash jumps were practically impossible). IT also didn't have really cool traps and enemies.

Oath in Felghana has its issues too. It was lacking in story (the story was basically only dialog with a character's picture on the screen). I would have liked to have seen more of the story actually acted out. Also there was a lack of extra stuff to do in this game. There was maybe one or two towns in the whole game and barely, if any, side quests. Another problem that some people mention is having to fight the same guys over and over again to level up and earn gold.

However the overall action in Oath and Origins is quite satisfying and that is why I consider Ys to be one of the top 3 most promising action/rpg series in existence. Do you remember playing The Legend of Zelda for the first time back in the day? Well Ys gameplay is kinda like that but on steroids (and with an unforunate lack of extras - hookshot for instance).

Has anyone else played Oath or Origins and care to share their opinion?


  • ThrakkThrakk Member Posts: 1,226

    oops, I actually meant to post this in General Gaming.. not console gaming. I don't know if a mod can move it or not.. whatever

  • TryggviTryggvi Member Posts: 83

    Ys actually kicks some major ass.  Although I still think Zelda is way better.  Way more Easter eggs and such.

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