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ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161


  • FireWaterFXFireWaterFX Member UncommonPosts: 3

    I went to GameX, I thought it was awesome.  I had a great time meeting Chaz, Michal and the rest of the gang.


    Chaz and I were going head to head because he knew I played for Cybernetic Punks.  Great guy!



  • Torkill13Torkill13 Member Posts: 2

    I was there as well. Was great to meet the people making the game. GA was by far the best game on display at the Expo. Can't wait for release!!

  • blindrobblindrob Member Posts: 1

    This was in PA? Man, I wish I knew about this some time sooner. These events are hitting the east coast less and less it seems.

  • epicorepicor Member Posts: 60

     I talk to chaz just about every day (as do many of the other testers, HR is very community friendly), and it was funny to finally put a face to all the IMs.  Not what i expected at all haha.

  • OnumaOnuma Member Posts: 6

    I was at GameX with FireWater.  HiRez had an excellent turnout; their seats were nearly always full once the crowd started to roll in at the expo.  Chaz and the rest of the crew were very friendly, answered all questions as well as they could (can't give out all of their game secrets, of course), and had lots of free stuff to give away!

    This is a Grade A company producing a great game.  I'm glad to see GA getting more exposure, as well as actively participating within the GA community with contests, feedback, and presence.

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