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Less ads maybe?



  • lawnmowermanlawnmowerman Member Posts: 80

        The ads were already headed towards the excessive side without plastering them on top of content. Also, I am slightly offended at the implication that the site couldn't remain free without desecrating the content of this site by putting ads on TOP of it. I am quite sure that the site could pay its bills with the hundreds of other ads.


  • MithiosMithios Member Posts: 271
    Originally posted by SnarlingWolf

    Ok there's the top ad banners, there's the background ad, there's the side ad banner, there's the just off center add boxes. That was more then enough to be distracting and annoying.
    But now we have a brought to you by ad sticker over the pictures on the latest features section? That's beyond overkill and really takes away from the images. How much ad space really has to be sold here?


    I think everyone is missing SnarlingWolf's point. It isn't normal ads on the site that bothers Wolf, it's the ad right on top of of the features box. I'm looking at a screen shot of a ship in STO and then a big red dragon over the top it that takes up roughly 1/3 of the background image. So I agree with Wolf. I don't mid the advertizments, but that one is just a little too forcefull and a really big turn off.

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  • darklordofspdarklordofsp Member Posts: 7

    at least there no bs adds on how to get buff in 4 weeks


    do you want a bigger penis?

    i don't like adds iether

    but sadly that's 1 of the ways sites get their income, money is the most important thing for companies these days

    and at least this site doesn't have pop up adds that come every single time you click on a new page

    deal with it...i have -__-


  • CyberWizCyberWiz Member UncommonPosts: 914
    Originally posted by Dana

    I just happened to be doing a late check and saw you in the "latest posts" thing on the front page... So I tossed it in the right forum.
    That said, while I have nothing to do with advertising (seeing them there is as big of a surprise to editorial as it is to readers, and we like it that way!), it's a pretty simple equation: No ads, no site. 


    Another simple equation is no audience, no site to sell adds on. has adds all over the place, and that is fine, where I draw the line of what is acceptable is popups and sticker adds like the Dragon Age add.

    It ruins it for me.

    I used to tell on other sites how the advertising here is done very well, this is however a 1st step in the wrong direction, imho.

    edit : Okay so it is a test case, I sure hope you will stay away from this kind of sticker add in the future. Like I said, I generally like the way you do adds on this site, it is pretty much the best I have seen so far ( not counting the Dragon Age add ofc :p ).


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