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The Depressing State: SoE Complete Abandonment

Why allow a game get to this state?? Players left are the survivors clinging to the memories and overall fun this game brought! But a game Dev who hasn't been on forms in seven months? No game update in six months? The god dam home page has still has an message about the last game up development activity from a year ago... I just wanna hear some thing anything about the current state and things to come!


  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    Sometimes I wish they would leave the games as they were in their prime. EQ Mac edition for example. They haven't gotten an expansion since the 3rd (Shadows of Luclien?). If I had a mac I would be playing that version of EQ right now.


    Also, since it is a PS2 game that is only coded to update to a memory card, it's not like they can update the game. They COULD release a new disc expansion like Frontiers, but it's a little too late for that. They might as well make a version 2. There probably isn't even a development team for the game anymore, but just a little bitter server keeping the game running.

  • YummydainYummydain Member Posts: 51

     EQOA was long dead before I quit, and I quit years ago. I've been there since day one of beta and official release and saw the game die. I thought it was so funny when EQOA was at its worst and I would see someone shouting in Freeport saying they just bought the game.

    SOE is working on another EQ, called EQ Next. Not much known about it but you're free to look it up on Google. That's probably where most of the EQOA team went to.


  • bleedxoutbleedxout Member Posts: 27

    This game died Ages before i quit.. i was there Day one pre-fronts. Castle Lightwolf server. Ran with the big boys in RoT. i was the Original Vaylan, Rimmon and Brelven. The memories i have of that game.. Training your annoying counterparts throught EG. The memories of first dinging 50 after what seemed like Eons of grinding. Then i quit for gave my account to a friend.. heard it got stolen from him.. never knew what happened after that. I quit after i had seen and killed everything in both prefronts and fronts. i spent my last few months in Freeport talking smack and finally said my good byes... 


    That game will always hold a place in my heart from the fun and exciting times i had with friends... Sadly its over.

    Prefronts CLW most memorable moments.


    Valmont and myself getting banned in Highpass for giving out the dupe codes for CV's (had to buy another game)

    Raiding Voxx for the first time aggoring everything in the room.

    Final night of Prefronts Trainwar in Elephant Graveyard.

    What's your Spell rotation in WoW?

    What's a spell rotation? i just punch my keyboard!

    Dk's = Fail..

    Im a Ret pally moron!!

  • BroomyBroomy Member UncommonPosts: 486

    EQOA, my first MMO, fond memories of friends, fun times and learning how to raid.  I will always love this game and my character of a Shaman Diviner.  But it was dead a looooong time ago. 



    Current Games: SWTOR, EVE Online

  • Artymus77Artymus77 Member Posts: 140

    i wish i could have stayed with this game till the end which is gonna be march 29th 2012, thanks alot $OE kill off the good games and keep the sucky a$$ ones.   Good Job

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