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Few questions

splitcoldsplitcold Member Posts: 73

Just heard about this game a few minuets ago.


Can someone describe the lvling/grind? Max lvl?

What about classes, I've just sceen races.

Loot pvp, do I loose everything? How does this work, are items easy to get or something?

Is it hard to upgrade stuff? And if I loose a upgraded item am i screwed? 

Is money always a issue? I've played a few games where its hard to get money for health potions.


  • PlutonicwoesPlutonicwoes Member UncommonPosts: 343

    There are no character levels, you level individual skills as you use them. 

    You can grind on monsters in the wild or in dungeons.  It takes time to level skills but an update is about to come to increase the exp from fighting monsters greatly.

    Full loot pvp, if you die you lose everything on you but your starting weapon.

    Since you can make everything you need yourself, money is not a big issue.

     Also, no "classes" want to be a mage, the just level magic, same with melee or range, but no need to limit yourself, you can level everything.  Your "class" is just determined by how you play.

  • wyrdaskolirwyrdaskolir Member UncommonPosts: 563

    It would be better to ask about it in the public Darkfall forum since ppl there actually play it.




    Expansion is coming mid november, look around in the news section to find details

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