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Is It Free

Is this game gonna be free. I hope so that way i have a damn rpg for fun and no subscription



  • PsychlonusPsychlonus Member Posts: 45

    Originally posted by tyre77

    Is this game gonna be free. I hope so that way i have a damn rpg for fun and no subscription

    I highly doubt it's free.  There is only one that's free that I know of.  Or that WILL be free, and that's Guild Wars.  Hopefully you checked out the WPE.  The game won't be out for months.

    "Holy crip he's a crapple!" - Peter Griffin

    "Holy crip he's a crapple!" - Peter Griffin

  • moxymundimoxymundi Member Posts: 8

    seriously, games are rarely free anymore, and prices per month are going up.  I remember world war 2 online came out at 9.99 a month, and now the avg game is 15 a month.  My guess is MEO is going to ring in the 15 a month.  Any less, and i just might check it out.



  • LL Member Posts: 70
    im intrested in this game but a little pissed off. no new news a no sure feel to the game. i suggest guild wars but your going to have to get used to it because its like diablo but mmorpg style. i hope MEO turns out to be good but right now the general gaming public is not intrested



  • hell_fire_69hell_fire_69 Member Posts: 129

    no its not free i read there forum website and they said there would be a fee but not sure what he fee was going to be.

    WoW EQ2 Guild Wars ?! I cant decide!

  • Julik100Julik100 Member Posts: 14

    The only reason guild wars is free is because they dont really need to support huge servers to hold all the characters all over the world because whenever you or your gorup go out into the world it creates a instance of the area on the group leaders computer.

    It is kind of like hosting a game in Warcraft or starcraft, not very much impact on thier servers so the monthy fee is not really needed.

    Games like Everquest or WoW where you are always playing on thier servers require alot more maintaince and customer service... which is why they have monthy fee's.. to support the servers and CS.

  • SeldonaSeldona Member Posts: 35

    You have it completely backwards.

    In WoW, EQ2, etc, there are many 'servers' to choose from.  When you choose to play on one, you are completely cut off from the other 'servers', even though more than one 'realm' may reside on one machine as it were.

    In Guild Wars, there is only ONE 'server'.

    No matter where you start, you can talk to anyone playing the game that is logged on.  There are different 'instances', and in order to play you may have to pop over to whatever instance your freinds are.

    But there is no relogging, and you can simply send them a tell and switch instances in about 10 seconds, depending on your computer and connection.

    So in WoW, EQ2, etc, you are totaly cut off from anyone not on your server.  In Guild Wars you can talk to any player in the game at any time.

  • BendenBenden Member Posts: 103

    Nope Tyre, the game wont be free of subscription i'm afraid. It is said somewhere in the official faq (if only i was not so lazy i could find a link image ).

    If you wan to play free a decent mmorpg try anarchy online (sci fi world)


    my 2 cents image

  • SaremarSaremar Member Posts: 4


    source: forum f.a.q.s



  • JDBarrettJDBarrett Member Posts: 9

    prolly not

  • Invincible37Invincible37 Member Posts: 172

    ive seen it many times on sites and magazines that there will be month fee and it wil lrange between 13$ to 15$ a bets are on 15$

  • MajosMajos Member Posts: 20
    I think you have to pay. almost every good mmorpg you have to pay for it. I think itl be 15bucks
  • SimshooterSimshooter Member Posts: 24

    It doesn't matter me if i have to pay a Fee i'll pay it .

    it is such a great game.

  • bladewjbladewj Member Posts: 20
    I thought I saw it listed as 11.95
  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657
    So far they haven't said how much it will be but have said there will be a monthly charge, Check out that is the official website for this game.


  • shadowlord30shadowlord30 Member Posts: 86

    The reason why prices are increasing is due to greed itself, we all hate the greed...

  • mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 282
    Maybe i am just weird but wasn't one of the main selling points to games like when atari first came out was that you no longer had to spend money everytime you wanted to play games like you do at an arcade. That was like one of the main things that made videogames so popular. I love MMOs but i just find it funny that we now just have glorified home Arcades that you have to spend unreasonable amounts of money for. And yes 12-15 dollars a month is unreasonable. I am sure that i will still pay to play these games. It's just funny to me. And i do understand why the money is spent and what it goes for it's just funny... So i guess what i am saying is Make it free lol. image 

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  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657
    Only game out there that you have to buy that is free to play online is Guild Wars. Instead of paying a monthly fee you have to pay for every extension of the game. They get you one way or the other. I would love to see this game free to play but i am sure then we will have to buy all the upgrades to it. The main reason i hear that the games are pay too play is to pay for the cost of running the server or servers.


  • DoctorSoupDoctorSoup Member Posts: 106
    Yea its a shame it has to have a monthly fee but someone has to put bread on the devs table.  And I would like that new amp... but I will have some time to pay off the amp before this don't worry.  Like everyone else said the fee is necesarry to a point but they do have to make a profit in there somewhere.


  • bukshotbukshot Member Posts: 277

    Originally posted by tyre77
    Is this game gonna be free. I hope so that way i have a damn rpg for fun and no subscription

    Are you joking? ::::12::

  • darth2019darth2019 Member Posts: 1

    Damit i hope it will be free cause when i saw the price to play the swg for a year its somthin like 126$
    im like wtf!!!!!image
    and if its not free can someone give me a link to a free game that has good graphics
    and i already tried arnarchy online i have a account but i dont know how to play it to launch to game

  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657
    Sorry this game will not be free to play, if you are looking for a game free to play online and all you have to do is buy the game then Guild Wars is for you.


  • IcoGamesIcoGames Member Posts: 2,360

    Not that GW is a bad game, but having played it for a few months now, I'm all for subscription based games.

    As long as there's entertainment value, the monthly fee is well worth the cost. Lol, I don't think I've looked at a bartender without throwing down $15.

    Oh, cruel fate, to be thusly boned. Ask not for whom the bone bones. It bones for thee.

  • DarkSaviorDarkSavior Member Posts: 31

    Most likely pay to play, I don't mind that personally. Games just need more payment options than just credit card subscriptions, as not everyone can get one.

  • SilvestSilvest Member Posts: 9
    Why isnt everything free xD


  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657

    Originally posted by DarkSavior

    Most likely pay to play, I don't mind that personally. Games just need more payment options than just credit card subscriptions, as not everyone can get one.

    You don't need a credit card, just get a debit card for your checking account. That is what i do.


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