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Why are you not playing wow?



  • Sora2810Sora2810 Member Posts: 567

     I've gotten bored of wow, sadly, theres not really anyone on my server doing the instances I need for my armor. =[, A lot of people are saying WoW is heading down hill with all these promotions. If it doesn't do something great within the next year, the next generation of MMO's (SWTOR and many more) Will run it over.

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  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    personally, I get bored of any mmo after 3 months


    so I rotate them for variety


    DDO currently has my attention but I'll be back for "more WOW" in the future

  • SortisSortis Member Posts: 193

     Too high fantasy to the point the epic armors look stupid and don't even make sense within the bounds of any kind of logic. Others might make the defense that its fantasy. Well thats all well and good for some things but even in fantasy writings (and ive read a lot of fantasy mind you) there are certain lines you dont cross as in making a hunter use an outrageous looking bow and have what looks like plate armor on with shoulder pads stacking up 5 feet high. Also when i get into a game i love to explore its lore and what drives the world, sadly with this game you cannot do that and expect for things to make sense because the lore at its core makes no sense at all and contradicts it's self many times. No respectable sword and sorcery fan that knows and respects the lore of previous fantasy writings could really be ok with this game after looking at it extensively. For me to play it sadly i would have to put on a blind fold.

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  • PersephassaPersephassa Member Posts: 223

    There's not much that could bring me back to WoW right now but I am waiting to see how Cataclysm turns out. One thing that I'm really excited about with Cataclysm is the ability to start new characters and experience the changes made to Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms.


    It could be like a new game, yet also very nostalgic. And I think I enjoy the 'journey' more than the endgame so by the time I cap and all there is left to do is pvp & raid, I'll probably move on to one of the upcoming MMOs. (Or go back to playing non-MMO games like I am primarily doing now)


    The only other MMOs I can see peaking my interest more than WoW-Cataclysm would be Star Wars: The Old Republic and/or Eve Online's Incarna expansion. And of course Guild Wars 2.


  • KalvasflammKalvasflamm Member Posts: 48
    Originally posted by girlgeek

    1.) Player Housing
    Yes, I know a lot of people don't care about it, but I do, and so do a lot of other people. It gives a sense of "belonging and permanency" in a game world. And I don't mean CRAP housing like in RoM or LotRO.  I mean in Everquest 2, where you're not so ridiculously limited. By the way....a lot of people have been asking Blizzard for this...for YEARS now. Their lack of pissing me off.  Also....guild halls...where guilds can display the "spoils" of their labor. (More on that later.)
    2.) More and BETTER crafting
    Again....see EQ2. I want crafting that feels like more than just pushing a button, for one. Secondly, someone needs to make furniture and rare items for those houses. So I want to see an addition of lumberjacking and woodworking, at the very least. Hell...there could even be a profession for BUILDING HOUSES or interior design, for those of us with that "flair." I don't know. Something NEW that actually requires paying attention and not just having the right mats and hitting a freaking button. That is NOT crafting...that's...hitting a button.
    Crafting really shouldn't be something that "easily appeals to everyone because it's SO fracking simplistic." That defeats the entire roleplaying PURPOSE of crafting. It should be a little challenging, and take some time and effort, like the mini game version of crafting EQ2 uses. THEN...not everyone would do it, and crafters would become a viable ROLE in the game, as they should be.
    3.) A couple of ALL ADULT servers where your age has to be verified by credit card that matches your name and address, and hell...even photo ID, for all I would be WORTH THE TROUBLE to mess with sending them anything they'd NEED to verify. And no...this isn't age-ism....they could also have Children Only servers, for all I care. I'm just sick of playing with 16 year olds. (No offense to the more mature 16 year olds, but I have CHILDREN much older than you, and I don't want to spend my personal recreation time playing with THEM either!)
    4.) If they're going to continue to have PvP...then I want MEANINGFUL PvP.  BGs are nothing more than a diversion for people with short attention spans, imo. I have no problem with them continuing to have BGs and even Arena (which is really just Unreal Tournament dressed up in fantasy armor, with fantasy weapons instead of guns, so far as I'm concerned). Those things are fine, BUT...there needs to be an option for people that want PvP that.....a.) MATTERS, and b.) is open and not instanced, and c.) maybe...just maybe is based on lore and reason.
    Perhaps the various faction leaders could send you on covert operations quests where you have to infiltrate enemy territory to bring back battle plans, or w/e, but OPEN PvP, where a raid on Stormwind would be EPIC (like it used to be before BGs and Arena, back in vanilla WoW when people raided the other faction because we HATED them...and it was FUN to just kill them because we were at WAR with them). And for rewards....let's bring back officer ranks and tabards that show your "position" in the Horde Military, or w/e, and give some love to the open PvP idea instead of herding people into instances....BLECH.
    I know this idea is half-baked, but couldn't they do SOMETHING to make PvP less....idk....BORING, while still making it somewhat optional? I mean...if you don't attack the raiding faction don't flag. It's already got "optional" built into it, but why not give some sort of rewards FOR participating? You "fame" and "fortune" and guild crests to hang in the DAMN GUILD HALLS we STILL DON'T HAVE.
    /end rant
    I could easily continue, but this already is at TL:DR status, so....these are only a FEW of my gripes.


    I loved your post, really! Pretty much sums it up. Personally, there are a LOT more things which I would miss in WoW, when I was still playing.

    One think I really liked about WoW and Blizzard: everything they did, they did it professional. The game still feels "smooth".  I can't remember a single bug in WoW and I hardly had any connection losts or things like this.  Everything seems to be working! Wish I could tell the same about other MMOs.

  • MavadoKenyenMavadoKenyen Member Posts: 104

    I reached the top, they made it super easy to reach the top, so I got tired of people getting the best crap when they didn't earn it. ^.^ 

  • SlampigSlampig Member UncommonPosts: 2,342
    Originally posted by MavadoKenyen

    I reached the top, they made it super easy to reach the top, so I got tired of people getting the best crap when they didn't earn it. ^.^ 

    I don't want to share the ball, I am taking it and going home!

    That Guild Wars 2 login screen knocked up my wife. Must be the second coming!

  • VarnyVarny Member Posts: 765

     I want no Battleground servers.

  • pojungpojung Member Posts: 810

    Zorndorf, just what exactly is 'your top'? You keep mention of Furious Gladiator and rave about accomplishments, but I'm very curious, as are others I'm sure, of learning the validity of where this message is coming from? Blanket statements are too readily made, whereas the feats themselves hold credibility. What toon do you play, where do you find yourself in the PvP/E ranking system on a server level, BG level, and world level?

    That is exactly right, and we're not saying NO to save WoW, because it is already a lost cause. We are saying NO to dissuade the next group of greedy suits who decide to emulate Blizzard and Cryptic, etc.
    We can prevent some of the future games from spewing this crap, but the sooner we start saying no, the better the results will be.
    So - Stand up, pull up your pants, and walk away.
    - MMO_Doubter

  • KaocanKaocan Member UncommonPosts: 1,270
    Originally posted by Zorndorf

     Any more questions? :))))


    Just one, ya got some links to your characters so we can all check them out on the Armory? Think of it as...simple validation.

    (DISCLAIMER - The use of the word YOU in the above post is not directed at any one person in particular, but towards those who fall into the category itself - there is no personal attack here, neither intentional nor implied.)

  • BattleFelonBattleFelon Member Posts: 483

    I'm not playing WOW for three basic reasons:

    1. I'm waiting for Cataclysm to reset the world.

    2. Most of my friends have either quit or are in high-end raiding guilds that I have no interest in joining.

    3. The Elitism. Every MMO has some level of elitism, but I think it's far more rampant in WOW. I've been playing LOTRO for the past month and I don't see the same obsession with PVP titles or uber gear or achievement scores. Heck, this thread is full of people bragging about their furious gladiator titles.

  • kzaskekzaske Member UncommonPosts: 518

    I don't think there is anything that can get me to play WoW again.  It simply lacks in almost everything but equipment.

  • RemainsRemains Member UncommonPosts: 375

    I liked the old world of WoW, and the old times. WoW eventually turned into an e-sport and lost what "world-feeling" it once got. Kinda felt like "Super Mario Party XY" eventually, and it made me lose my interest in it.

    What would make me come back..? Too many changes, so it will never happen.

  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,745

    Get rid of the 10 year old kids and I'll come back !

  • YennikYennik Member Posts: 22

    It was a fun PvE MMO, that got screw'd up by trying to "balance" PvP.  PvP is fun and all, but it just does NOT work well at all in a level based RPG game.

    I need a new MMOG

  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,148

    I will come back when the following are done.

    Resil is removed from world of warcraft. This annoys me and to me totally unbalanced pvp and made it un fun since burning crusade.

    When they stop release of all these armor tier sets, thats all wow is about anymore RAID This RAID That omg I have better gear then you, Not just PVE, but PVP itself.

    Arena points Take weeks Real life time to farm rating, ect. That is annoying waiting Days for that ect.

    Battle Grounds take very long to farm points espically if you have to play multiple times a day to even get great gear, and your on the loosing faction a lot. Not to mention that htat gear is really useless compared to arena gear so whats the point of wasting time with BG gear, then getting arena gear.

    I think that since burning crusade wow has been going down hill, at first it was okay, but release of new armor every 6-12 months pvp wise is just annoying.

  • zantaxzantax Member Posts: 254

    I got tired of the cookie cutter characters, no real differances between each character in a class.  Every paladin is practically identical to the next.  People will scream that talents make everyone original, and I am sorry to say but they don't take away all there talents and they are all the same.  The all have the same stats, Sure talents add some deviation but we all know that once the uber talent set is found for the month then that is what everyone is.  I don't like that the world is like following a carrot, there should be some challenge to the game other then end game PvP and Raids. 

    Overall they would have to DRAMATICALLY change the game for me to come back, until then I will find a different game for now.

  • xephonicsxephonics Member UncommonPosts: 672

     I'm not playing cus the dern game forces quests and that gets boring after a while.


    Running and running and running to complete a quest is annoying, sometimes i'd rather just mob grind, and exp blows off of mob killing, so WoW fails at fun for me.

    My god has horns.... nah, I don't think he is real either.

  • RadioMaryjaRadioMaryja Member UncommonPosts: 123

    cause its just another game? nothing special innit, maybe apart from huge amount of idiots -.-


  • jamesingejamesinge Member Posts: 20

    I beat WoW .

    Seriously .

    How can such a massive amount of people be such lemmings to continue to play that game? Everything is datamined and detailed down to the exact percentage. All quests and Raids and the mobs are completely broken down and disected before the patches are even released. Blizzard invites Guilds to "test" the new Raids and have detailed walkthroughs completed before they even release.

    It is all just too much. It is a kids game and a game for the simpletons that want their hand held each step of the way. The game is a joke to me now after all is said and done I refuse to keep supporting it and paying for the next gimmick that is just the same old same old thing.

  • rogue_77rogue_77 Member Posts: 5

    You know, Blizzard posts the number of players they have is close to the highest any MMO has.  The thing they don't post or people take into account is how many dual accounts people have.

    I've played WoW for about 1.5 years or so and started up a few months before Lich King came out.  I leveled 3 toons to 80 and 2 to 30.

    I've actually stopped playing this game twice.  About a month after I quit first time a guildy offered to take up my account and I let him with agreement I'd get my 3rd guy to 80.  I got it to 80 and took my account back for a month and quit again.  About two months later he offered to pay for my toons again because he wanted to use my healer and hes a bit to lazy to level his own toons.  I also know about 4 other people who have two accounts.  I've known about 6 people that have quit playing after about a year.

    Why did I quit playing?  Because overall its a grind fest.  There are 3 things to do now besides level alts since they put achievements in.  Raid, PVP and farm achievements.  Raid-wise its boring, rinse and repeat, same fight week to week and you better hope your in a good guild because if you have to pug things you'll run into a lot of crappy PUG's and a LOT of jerk and childish players.  The chat on the realm I played on about half the time is people flaming other people and theres even a guild of alt's who just troll our chat.

    Unless you want to turn this game into a life style and devote your weeknights and possibly weekend days to gearing up and apply to a good raiding guild you'll be PUGing groups and this game really relies to much on that fact.  To many groups go in, down a boss or not even and just fall apart and your SOL.  Now you can apply meaning the guild you want in at will inspect you and critique every little thing about your gear, your enchants, your gems, your spec and everything you do in your first few weeks is being eyeballed and if you screw up your SOL, if your dps isn't high enough or your tanking or heals are sloppy, SOL.


    Over all, this game is boring.  The graphics are par enough for everyone to be able to handle(made not to be beuatiful but so people with crappy computers can play it).

    There are a ton of things in the last few patches that should've been done long ago like mining all in one swing then having to mine something 3 times, lowering mount levels, dual spec and a few other things.  Just plain common sense says these should've been done long ago.

    This new recruitment thing they have going on, recruit a friend and get free levels and a mount is a ploy to just get more people in and I think its works some but I do think that more or less the more discerning crowd quit this game after some time.

    I will be honest, this game is good.  The crafting is good, questing is ok and theres lore if your a lore nut(I'm not).

    Once everything is topped off, crafting, level, etc are maxed theres nothing to do but the same old.  Week to week, same thing over and over all in the quest to get the sweetest new gear, new expansion out, new gear, more grind, more grind, new patch, new gear, more grind.

    What?  Those pants have +15 spellpower over the pants I have?  I have to farm this instance for 3 months and hope I win the drop roll!  w00t.

    Blizzard doesn't give a shit either most likely and IMO they are soaking this game for as much money as they can before something comes along to replace it, and it is a matter of time.

  • SonikFlashSonikFlash Member UncommonPosts: 561

    Beat this game already.

  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Member Posts: 2,221

    Kept falling asleep.

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