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Why are you not playing wow?

raystantzraystantz Final Fantasy XI CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 1,237

 and what would it take to bring you back?


for me, its the constant changes and gear outdate. The fact that gear is really the only purpose in the game. the terrible community and the constant publicity stuff. The focus more on trying to sell you stuff, than they do the game.

to get me back? They'd have to stop the "race to 80 and raid" mentality from the game.. and I don't see them doing such.

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  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

    Only way I would come back is if they had a complete graphics overhaul.

  • ArezonArezon Member UncommonPosts: 282

    I was playing with some friends. We were leveling to 80 and planned to do 10 mans and PVP. When I reached 75, I hit a brick wall. I lost interest to play. So I quit.

    Now, I'm waiting for Cataclysm to release.



  • metallihammetalliham Member Posts: 94

    I've everything there is to do in the game besides the achievement system.

    I've raided, PvP'd and blew through content.

    I reached all my goals, and am bored with it.

    I've been playing since November 2004, and the time has come to hang my hat up.

  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Member UncommonPosts: 2,662

    I'm actually resubbing sometime this my absence since April I've played:

    • Aion
    • Alganon*
    • Dungeons and Dragons Online
    • Realms of Magic
    • Age of Conan
    • Dragonica
    • Jade Dynasty
    • NeoSteam
    • Karos
    • S.U.N.
    • Gates of Andaron
    • Ether Saga Online
    • Chronicles of The Spellborn
    • LoTRO (again)

    And I've come to the point where I'll spend my time waiting for ToR, STO and FFIV while playing WoW....the game is just overall the best fit for me. It's like traveling abroad and coming back to your country....yeah it may not be the best to everyone, but to me it's familiar and I feel confident enough to know what to expect.

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  • InEccessInEccess Member UncommonPosts: 111

    Why am I not playing? I accomplished everything I set out to do by January of 2005. For me, I completed the game. That's how I am in MMO's, I set goals for myself because I don't have the time to raid or experience "End Game" content.

    What would bring me back? Nothing. The game is over for me and though I've tried about 4 different times since my initial subscription ended, I could not get interest back in the game.

  • deviladventdeviladvent Member UncommonPosts: 54

    main reason is that i do not want to spend lots of time playing wow and wanted to be a casual. however WOW forcing me to be in an active guild to have fun . pugs and the community is really annoying.


  • pojungpojung Member Posts: 810

    I'm not playing WoW because there hasn't been any originality inside the meta-game, much less the mechanics of combat/crafting etc, for a long time now.

    It's less casual friendly now as well, if you're a casual with goals. Because of just how fast gear resets, you're nearly forced to be a passive casual. It's the same old tale I've gotten caught up in twice before that I won't get caught up in this time around. Cata looks cool, but I know how disappointed things become after 2-3 months of play with friends, a purpose, and all the cards in a line.

    It would take the original devs who left after vanilla and BC hit, to restore the game to its previous roots, and take it in a balanced direction, not one that caters to the current devs' mind eye about what subs want.


    Oh, and I already beat Cata, so there's really nothing left in WoW. That's how easy it is, months before release.

    Deathwing down. Game over.

    That is exactly right, and we're not saying NO to save WoW, because it is already a lost cause. We are saying NO to dissuade the next group of greedy suits who decide to emulate Blizzard and Cryptic, etc.
    We can prevent some of the future games from spewing this crap, but the sooner we start saying no, the better the results will be.
    So - Stand up, pull up your pants, and walk away.
    - MMO_Doubter

  • hybridfuryhybridfury Member Posts: 138
    Originally posted by arenasb

    Only way I would come back is if they had a complete graphics overhaul.


    Guess your in luck cause aren't they doing this with alot of the game in Cataclysm?  I recently started playing WoW, I mean I have played in the past, but never longer than a week or 2 at a time and never have I got a toon over 30.  So far I have found that possibly in the past I was on a shitty server that provided a shitty experience or never really had a quality group of people to play with.  This time around I found a decent group of people to play with on a different server and find myself actually enjoying the game.  I was going to hold off till Cataclysm came out as the graphics never really grabbed me that much, but this time around I have a better vid card and play the game on highest settings which eases my graphics dilema somewhat.  I think Cataclysm is going to be good for this game.

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  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,116

    Too many serious people to want me to come back...No Vent? No group or guild invites. I meant wtf i didnt play a game to chat with people online like that.

    IRL my friend was cussing me out calling me a noob and a waste of his time playing with cuz I quit. So yea, people like him is the reason I dont wanna come back and play.

  • just1opinionjust1opinion Member UncommonPosts: 4,641

    I'm not playing WoW right now for several reasons.  /begin rant



    1.) I too am tired of the driven focus on gear. I love new "shinies" just like the next person, but when they become the sole reason to log in and play...I get bored fast.  Especially once I'm geared pretty darn strive for ONE MORE PIECE of 245 or higher  gear when I already have a really decent 232 piece in that same slot....seems....kind of pointless. I mean who am I really competing with and...why do I care?

    The only other reason I log in now is to chat with the guild. I've been playing with these people for years. I enjoy them. But...I've temporarily cancelled my sub now, probably until Cataclysm, or something else captures my imagination again.


    2.) For a long time, WoW felt like an epic adventure. Now, 5 years later, after three level 80s, many multiple level 70 and up, and characters of EVERY class and race (both Horde AND Alliance...on different servers)....I just can't get excited about playing any more. There's not likely many areas, including nooks and crannies, that I haven't explored, quested in, and pretty efficiently worn OUT.


    3.) Thankfully...I'm beta testing another game that is keeping me pre-occupied. Filing bug reports at least gives me a sense of serving some PURPOSE in a game world, which WoW kind of lost for me after I got my druid and warlock to 80 and fairly well raid geared. My warrior's gear still sucks....and I just don't care.


    4.) I don't feel like going through Outlands yet AGAIN with my lvl 58 priest...I've already DONE that with my warrior, warlock, druid, hunter, rogue, etc.  Blah....I don't care to do it again. And I don't feel like taking any more of my characters through Northrend, when my warrior, warlock, and druid have already been through all that content. Once you go through the content a couple of times....beyond that, it gets very redundant and starts feeling bland.



    To get me to go back and STAY longer (ffs...I've already been there 5 years)....Blizzard is going to need to do a few things. Sure, I'll come back for Cataclysm (and probably any other expansion), but....I probably won't stay long beyond that. They will lose me for the length of time between expansions, save the two months it takes for me to wear out the content on all my toons again, unless I see the following:



    1.) Player Housing

    Yes, I know a lot of people don't care about it, but I do, and so do a lot of other people. It gives a sense of "belonging and permanency" in a game world. And I don't mean CRAP housing like in RoM or LotRO.  I mean in Everquest 2, where you're not so ridiculously limited. By the way....a lot of people have been asking Blizzard for this...for YEARS now. Their lack of pissing me off.  Also....guild halls...where guilds can display the "spoils" of their labor. (More on that later.)


    2.) More and BETTER crafting

    Again....see EQ2. I want crafting that feels like more than just pushing a button, for one. Secondly, someone needs to make furniture and rare items for those houses. So I want to see an addition of lumberjacking and woodworking, at the very least. Hell...there could even be a profession for BUILDING HOUSES or interior design, for those of us with that "flair." I don't know. Something NEW that actually requires paying attention and not just having the right mats and hitting a freaking button. That is NOT crafting...that's...hitting a button.

    Crafting really shouldn't be something that "easily appeals to everyone because it's SO fracking simplistic." That defeats the entire roleplaying PURPOSE of crafting. It should be a little challenging, and take some time and effort, like the mini game version of crafting EQ2 uses. THEN...not everyone would do it, and crafters would become a viable ROLE in the game, as they should be.


    3.) A couple of ALL ADULT servers where your age has to be verified by credit card that matches your name and address, and hell...even photo ID, for all I would be WORTH THE TROUBLE to mess with sending them anything they'd NEED to verify. And no...this isn't age-ism....they could also have Children Only servers, for all I care. I'm just sick of playing with 16 year olds. (No offense to the more mature 16 year olds, but I have CHILDREN much older than you, and I don't want to spend my personal recreation time playing with THEM either!)


    4.) If they're going to continue to have PvP...then I want MEANINGFUL PvP.  BGs are nothing more than a diversion for people with short attention spans, imo. I have no problem with them continuing to have BGs and even Arena (which is really just Unreal Tournament dressed up in fantasy armor, with fantasy weapons instead of guns, so far as I'm concerned). Those things are fine, BUT...there needs to be an option for people that want PvP that.....a.) MATTERS, and b.) is open and not instanced, and c.) maybe...just maybe is based on lore and reason.

    Perhaps the various faction leaders could send you on covert operations quests where you have to infiltrate enemy territory to bring back battle plans, or w/e, but OPEN PvP, where a raid on Stormwind would be EPIC (like it used to be before BGs and Arena, back in vanilla WoW when people raided the other faction because we HATED them...and it was FUN to just kill them because we were at WAR with them). And for rewards....let's bring back officer ranks and tabards that show your "position" in the Horde Military, or w/e, and give some love to the open PvP idea instead of herding people into instances....BLECH.

    I know this idea is half-baked, but couldn't they do SOMETHING to make PvP less....idk....BORING, while still making it somewhat optional? I mean...if you don't attack the raiding faction don't flag. It's already got "optional" built into it, but why not give some sort of rewards FOR participating? You "fame" and "fortune" and guild crests to hang in the DAMN GUILD HALLS we STILL DON'T HAVE.



    /end rant

    I could easily continue, but this already is at TL:DR status, so....these are only a FEW of my gripes.



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  • EmeraqEmeraq Member UncommonPosts: 1,049
    Originally posted by arenasb

    Only way I would come back is if they had a complete graphics overhaul.


    I agree, and a crafting overhaul wouldn't hurt. I'm playing Aion for both, and enjoying it so far.

  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004

    i dont think i'll be returning to WOW, its not that its a bad game, but there is too much focus on raids etc. which i find boring. im not a big fan of instanced games anyway, so perhaps its time to leave  WOW for good anyway, i reached level 76, and discovered that if i wanted to progress i had to join the sheep in the baa'raid'athon, so for the moment im only playing eve, havent seen any other game out there at the moment that looks promising enough to replace WOW.

  • IllyssiaIllyssia Member UncommonPosts: 1,507

     I think I am done with that game now until the Cataclysm expansion. It is a real problem with Blizzard expansions, they expand the game with a month or so extra content, but after 6 months or so the game peters out. Still, all that written, if Cataclysm re-vamps the WoW classic starter zones I might play through it and the new content once more, but, I am a WoW player who quits when the expansions get dull!

  • TettersTetters Member Posts: 221

     I am not sure what it would take to bring me back to WoW. I played all through to WOTLK getting 3 chars to 80 and just lost interest in the game as a whole. I am big on community being part of my enjoyment so that does rule out WoW due to the community being not my cup of tea.

    I don't enjoy raiding, I just can't take it seriously, so end game PVP was my only option, but that has changed and now I have 3 children under the age 3 so my real world is filled with PVP .... I don't think I will be back for Cataclysm (I think that's the name of the expac).

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,632

    I played for quite a while (about 18 months) but when TBC came out I could see where the game was going (never ending addition of new levels/gear) and it wasn't a direction I wanted to take.

    Create a FFA PVP ruleset server and make it so the open world PVP is the best part of the game by giving the players something to fight for.  (which means, remove the BG's and arena's as well).  Also, make the games best gear obtainable for people who participate in the open world pvp, as opposed to pve questing.

    Outside of that, I'm not willing to come back. 




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  • kingtommyboykingtommyboy Member Posts: 543

    I'm still playing it

    At this moment I'm waiting for our healer to do a fast VH hc run :p


    waiting for ... nothing..

  • CrenaitCrenait World of Warcraft CorrespondentMember Posts: 121
    Originally posted by Zorndorf

    Troll Post


    Don't feed the troll, folks.

    Originally posted by eripmav08

    can u plz fix your english word dude..? i cant understand your saying
  • pojungpojung Member Posts: 810


    I chuckled. I really did. 10/10.

    That is exactly right, and we're not saying NO to save WoW, because it is already a lost cause. We are saying NO to dissuade the next group of greedy suits who decide to emulate Blizzard and Cryptic, etc.
    We can prevent some of the future games from spewing this crap, but the sooner we start saying no, the better the results will be.
    So - Stand up, pull up your pants, and walk away.
    - MMO_Doubter

  • ScalebaneScalebane Member UncommonPosts: 1,883
    Originally posted by Crenait

    Originally posted by Zorndorf

    Troll Post


    Don't feed the troll, folks.

    lol almost did, hey i love playing wow but i see the flaws too, this guy freaks anytime anyone brings up any little thing about wow.


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  • rodingorodingo Member RarePosts: 2,870

    When I first played this game at launch, I played because of the open world pvp and set factions. I never intended to be a raider. As the game progressed, I accepted the addition of BG's. Not at first, but I eventually did. During this time I realized that my gear would always be less than a pve raider who went into these BG's. Plus the constant changes with nerfs, buffs and overall balance just turned into a mess. If BG's/Raids/Arenas were removed and my 4 friends were still playing who I originally started with back in the day, then maybe I would comeback. I know none of those things from my previous sentence will happen though, so oh well.

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  • majimaji Member UncommonPosts: 2,091

    I just played it for too long.

    I know all the areas, I know all classes and all their talents and skills. Even if since I stopped there came some new dungeons along, it's all about the same. Not to mention that raiding was what I enjoyed most, but I don't want to tie myself up anymore 3 or more times a week.

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  • ScalebaneScalebane Member UncommonPosts: 1,883

     i've been playing since the game started, done a lot, rolled a lot of alts.  Nearly 5 yrs is a long time to play any game, a person gets bored of things after a while.

    So i don't log in very much anymore, and once i get a hold of some new games coming out, i prolly won't bother at all for awhile, doesn't really matter what they add into the game, i'm just finally bored of it and it happens, its not attention spans or anything like that, just when you know you're done, you know you're done.  =]


    "The great thing about human language is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand."
    - Lewis Thomas

  • jdnewelljdnewell Member UncommonPosts: 2,237

    I started playing day of release and quit about 8 months or so ago.

    I was just mainly burnt out. I had pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to on several toons. Just dont see the need to raid again and again for months just to have them patch in armor and weapons that are .5 tier better lol.

    Just a waste of time gear grinding IMO. Even with the expansions its nothing really new. Raid to get the tier 10 ( or whatever # they are on now), in a few months raid again to get tier 10.5, rinse and repeat.

    No thanks.

  • apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

    I have quit playing WoW, a few times. But I did unsubscribe a few months ago and I don't miss it even now. I miss it taking up time when I was bored, but all I need to do is remember how bored I was when I logged in and then I realize I can't even fall back on WoW to occupy that free time. Before I canceled this last time, I used to login and just around. I was so dis-enthused with the game, I wouldn't even leave the main cities. I didn't want to raid. I didn't want to farm. I didn't want to run heroics.

    I've played alliance to end game and been bored.

    I've played horde to end game and been bored.

    I've done 5-mans end game and been bored.

    I've played end game and been bored.

    I get no enjoyment from WoW anymore. So that's why I don't play it. I have ZERO desire to login and play. The prospect of Cataclysm won't change that. It's 5 more levels and then end game. Blah.

    EDIT: Just realized this was my 888th post - and my join date being 8/16/04.

    It just seems weird to me!


  • VolgoreVolgore Member EpicPosts: 3,872

    In germany, we have the opportunity to get 6month gametime for about 10-15Eur. It's offered everywhere, like on ebay etc. That is almost playing for free, but still i wouldn't want to come back.

    I played from release on, did it all, seen it all, from 24/7 pvp (old Alterac)  to 24/7 raiding, had my times of playing solo and my times of guild drama. Several 60s, 70s, 80s, full equipped -all that stuff.

    The problem for me was that at a point the game didn't offered anything new to me, but kept on repeating itself with every new class i've played, profession i mastered and even with all the "new" content Blizzard came up with. I wasn't having a new adventure every time i logged in, but repeated the same day in WoW over and over again.

    Checking bags, checking mail, checking bank, checking AH...logging in with the next char, repeat. Day after day, loggin in by habit while i in fact run out of options month before. The game wasn't entertaining me anymore, instead i had to try to entertain myself with the game.

    What would bring me back to WoW would be some sort of "NGE", bringing new graphics, new sounds and foremost: new game mechanics. After almost 5yrs i'm so sick of a "gearwheel with a castbar" in every interaction with every mechanic.

    PS: and fire that failure of a lead designer that Ghostcrawler is. Every janitor in the house might have more relation to class balance.


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