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Why be so childish?

lumporlumpor Member Posts: 1

 God, I haven't played this game, but why do you all say it sucks without playing it? Looking at the screenshots? Well obviously those who like the game have obviously seen the screenshots too.


Stop acting like kids. "This game sucks so much! Just look at the graphics! I could do better!"

I thought people here would be serious gamers, and not small kids only playing wow. I've played wow too, and I don't say everyone who plays wow is immature or anything, but if you've ONLY played those kinds of games, then you don't know what you're talking about regarding games like these.


Stop being such kids. Giving an honest bad review after playing it for a while? Fine. Just saying "this game sucks anyone who tries it is someone who has never played another game before" just makes you sound like an idiot.


Can people who have actually played this game evaluate it for me?


  • bboneheaddbboneheadd Member Posts: 116

    To all thoose people who say they could make a better game then this, could you have done it 10 years ago? this was released 1999.....

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