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Warden or Guardian?

Antgra28Antgra28 Member UncommonPosts: 4

I am new to the game & currently have a lvl 24 warden, I play with a rune keeper and find it's pretty hard to hold aggro, i'm usually spending most of the time doing threat gambits, and not as many defence & healing ones. My question was, what does a warden have over a guardian? I hear guardians are much easier to play, so is the warden just for the hardcore players or something?

And if you have any suggestions on which order I should do my gambits in i'd love to hear :)


  • gtnbtftegtnbtfte Member Posts: 44

    The thing with the warden as I see it is it takes time to build both aggro and defences due to the gambit(combo) system.

    So in quick fights, may it be leveling in a duo or trash mobs in a raid, the warden warden may have some trouble holding aggro and building his defences. In longer fights like group or raid bosses warden can do alot better and I've seen some good wardens around.

    The guard on the other hand with his heavy armour and mitigations doesnt need to work on the defence side most of the time  and his direct taunts (3-4 skills) can do the same aggro job easier if not better both in quick and long fights.

    The warden sure seems more interesting/complicated to play but in my opinion his class mechanics put him at a clear disadvantage.

    I think the warden class was a try from turbine to use the Age of conan melee system witch is fine cause it adds to lotro but has the same execution problems as AoC. I have a guard in Lotro and used to raid with Guard in AoC and there I had the same problems that wardens seem to have in lotro: I would start a fight and need to do 4 clicks+animation for some aggro combo and that would take a few seconds before the aggro effect comes out. But then the caster in Aoc would press 1 button and nuke while I was still going through my combo and aggro gone :P Also while the caster has just 1 button press I have 4 and sometimes I would mess it up so things would get even worse and this can happen with warden too I think.

    Same thing I think happens with you and your RK friend. So he can either wait for you to pull off a threatening gambit or 2 before starting to nuke (thats something most groups will not do :P) or leave a guard as main assist and look to offtank adds ( that wardens can do better than guards due to better multi-mob aggro)



  • WicoaWicoa Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

    This is more to do with a group understanding than the wardens inability to tank, yes they have little aggro snap abilities. But a pack should be left on the warden for some seconds before the group starts dpsing.

    I love my warden its a versatile beast. A guardian is awesome as well but needs a group to level with in my opinion from what I have witnessed.  Also a warden is not for the feint of heart you need lots of practise and the memory of a brain training enthusiast to remember all your gambits.  Every class has its crux.

  • gavvinggavving Member Posts: 51

    Well I never really messed with Warden, but got my Guardian to 60.   I would say that if you had a Guardian at lvl 24 you'd be having an easier time holding aggro.  But possibly not much.  A runekeeper can out dps even total threat generation when they want to.  They have to hold back a bit for any tank to hold aggro honestly.  And it does take a number of levels (more than 30, I forget exactly) when the Guardian can get all of the tools needed.

    The combat style of the guardian is completely different.  It's all reactionary.  Want to apply a bleed?  Have to get a parry.  Want to get a stun?  Have to get a block.  There are a few abilities which let you trigger the reactives even when you're not getting hit, but they're mostly trait related an take a while to get. 

    Guardians are very sturdy, and eventually get self heals that if traited can add alot to the ability to stand there and take a beating.  The Warden on the other hand is all about Heal of times effects and whatnot.  So this effects how they play.  A warden wants lots of mobs, the guardian not so much, and in fact has problems holding aggro over more than 5 mobs (until late game).

    Anyway, my guardian was very fun.  I soloed alot with him (almost all of 50-60).  But you have to be willing to play the reactives game and roll with the punches.  Sometimes you get hosed and get no parries or blocks when you need them.  Unlike a warden who can just activate the gambit for the effect they want.


  • solareussolareus Member Posts: 3,165

    Wardens like to pretend they can tank, until one tries to tank and gets wtf owned by a

    "Freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose" - Janis Joplin

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