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Anyone know anything about this game?

joker007mojoker007mo Member Posts: 712

Im looking around for info on this game and it says its still in beta under sports but the website acts like its done any comments on it id like to know what if anything it may bring to the table i.e. what to expect playing it lag wise or glitchyness you know the things that annoy you about it and what you like about it

yup dk why but genre says sports




  • BiolderBiolder Member Posts: 2

    why it is in category sports ??

  • cichiceancichicean Member UncommonPosts: 18


    Nice graphics (nothing extraordinary, just nice - like Shaiya graphics)

    Nice character movement and combat graphic effects.

    Big map.

    Lot of skills. You can learn any weapon (or all of them) and any skill you want.

    Crafting system, a good one. You can collect materials from mobs or harvest them from around the map and manufacture clothes, weapons, charms and potions. You can even brake weapons and clothes to retrieve materials and use them to make new ones or enchant existing ones.

    Lot of clothes and weapons. There are only 4 types of weapons, but each type has many variations with different stats.

    Some character customization options on character creation screen.



    Horrible english translations and grammar. You spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the quest wants you to do and because they though this was not enough to drive you crazy, some of the names in quest dialog are different from the ones on map. After you complete a quest there is an arrow pointing to the NPC where you have to turn it in (this helps).

    Crappy combat sound effects. All you hear is clank, clank, clank and clink, clink, clink. Really annoying after a while.

    Dumb, stupid, retarded and blind AI. Mobs won't chase you if you leave their aggro area which is like 5 meters from their spawn point.

    Crappy mobs combat movement and sounds.

    Click the target, press the attack button and wait.

    No range or stealth. All weapons are close combat.

    Uninspired combat music.

    No animals only human mobs.

    Some mobs are huge. I know it's a fantasy game but some of the mobs are just too big.



    Somehow i got the feeling this game was "inspired" by Perfect World.

    This could have been a great game but it fails. I really wanted to like this game as I was looking for a martial art mmorpg.

    I haven't got the chance to test out pvp cause i deleted the game after 6 hours of playing.

  • BiolderBiolder Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for that review. I've played it for like 2 hours and i deleted it, not my kind of game.

  • cichiceancichicean Member UncommonPosts: 18

    You welcome.

    I forgot to mention, I didn't experienced any lag, but the movement on the map is restricted to low ground, you can't walk to the top of some terrain features, that means you can't "climb" on rocks or small hills.

  • 133794m3r133794m3r Member Posts: 173

    ACTUALLY this game's inspired by Jade Dynasty which is the game made by PWE. It seems to be the exact same thing minus the very professional translations as the other person has said. Also since it's an aeria game expect rootkits to be installed.

  • darklordofspdarklordofsp Member Posts: 7

    looks way too azn

    i cant take azn games they just arent my style -__-


  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,702

    tried it for a little while

    combat was quite interesting and ticket i sent once was responded to quickly

    but just not my thing in the end

    and fyi it's still in open beta so translations etc are being worked on

  • SinDicate99SinDicate99 Member UncommonPosts: 11
    It's being shutdown permanently 2/1/2010 don't bother
  • TriMoonTriMoon Member Posts: 54

    Originally posted by SinDicate99
    It's being shutdown permanently 2/1/2010 don't bother
    No wonder with AeriaGames...
    See picture below how they treat testers....

    And before anyone makes comments, no i didn't do anything to deserve that ban while still in BETA-testing, AND i still have not gotten any reply as to WHY i was banned...
    So think 10x before you play ANY game from these guys, because you can lose ALL your characters on ALL games with them in a blink of an eye, without any reason.

    Needless to say that i have canceled all accounts from my household with them, and told my friends the same...

    PS: see more from other people with search on their forum.

    Well thats all for now, 3M

  • boldpaste2boldpaste2 Member Posts: 1

    Dont bother looking for this game it was removed from aeria because it was costing more money to host then it was making so it basicly died

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 8,972

    Originally posted by boldpaste2

    Dont bother looking for this game it was removed from aeria because it was costing more money to host then it was making so it basicly died

    well deserved, the only good thing that game had was the nice movements the character did while meditating..... other than that it sucked donkey balls lol, it really was a "re-develope me please" game

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