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LF a fighting game...

m00r3m00r3 Member UncommonPosts: 27

Well I'm looking for a fighting game.Like something out of a street fighting movie.I just like fast paced adrenalin filled fights.I would take both Online and SinglePlayer suggestions.Thx in advance!


  • JazqaJazqa Member Posts: 465

    No idea what you mean. Dungeon Fighters online maybe?

    also little fighter 2.. it's single player tho but can be played with friend thro IP

  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Try rumble fighter or splash fighter could also check out Gunz.

  • m00r3m00r3 Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Thx guys but I was talkin bout a fighing game like a knuckle game.Like urban street fights or a game with a character class that fights with its fists like a street fighter or something like that.I know it sounds stupid but thats my style of character just jump in the fights and break some jaws and heads.If you know any games with fist type fighter answer here pls thx in advance

    just dont post childish games like malibongi or something like that...

  • AganazerAganazer Member Posts: 1,319

    Champions Online has the best fist fighting action I have seen in a MMOG.

  • tharkthark Member UncommonPosts: 1,188

    Age of Conan is the best action MMORPG there is..

    And as mentioned you may want to look at Champions online, but it's not a better fighting game than AoC thou !!!

    As for solo player

    You may want to try Batman Asylum

    and also I heard Mount and Blade is supposed to have great combat.


  • 4chan4chan Member Posts: 1

    Try S4League.

    Almost no Hackers and very adrenaline filled. Doesn't matter if ur lvl1 or 100, wht matters is your own experience ingame.


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