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TF2 Halloween Event =3

ThenariusThenarius Member Posts: 1,106

I didn't expect this and I must say it's pretty cool. From the nerdrages of RED's trying to kill BLU camping demoman saying: "You want the hat, then come get it" to the ghosts on the new redesigned map and the funny way on how all chars dance on Thriller when you taunt with them(nice Michael Jackson tribute), oh and, shooting in random pumpkins and kill random spies.

So how do you enjoy this event, guys?


  • SikgamerSikgamer Member Posts: 77

    Meh, nothing special other than more of Valve's circle jerking over hats and achievements. The map is pretty good though, but they didn't think about how badly designed the original map was with spawncamping (as you kindly gave an example for).

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