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I'm amazed, this is the best trailer ever!



  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,902
    Originally posted by Dibdabs

    Originally posted by NotNiceDino

    It's the same old white guy falls in with non-white people, learns that non-white people are people too, then teams up with non-white people against evil white people... see: Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, District 9.
    That said, it looks like even if this movie suck, it will be beutiful enough just to stare at for 2 hours.

    There are very, very few original plots, with some scholars saying there are only seven original plots throughout literature, so I wouldn't hold that against it.  Even District 9 was preceded by Alien Nation, and as with all stories, it is the power of the storyteller that makes or breaks a tale.

    For those who are curious, one list of Original Plots cites:  1. Overcoming the Monster, 2. Rags to Riches, 3. The Quest, 4. Voyage and Return, 5. Comedy, 6. Tragedy, 7. Rebirth.  Another list cites: [Wo]man vs. nature, Wo]man vs. man, Wo]man vs. the environment, Wo]man vs. machines/technology, Wo]man vs. the supernatural, Wo]man vs. self, Wo]man vs. god/religion.

    You'll find most of those in games and MMOs, too, as these themes seem very symbolic to we poor humans. 


    Looks like someone payed attention in high school literature. 

    Seems a lot of you folks are basing way too much on a simple trailer.  You get the idea of the plot, thats fine.. but you have no idea how the plot unfolds, develops and is finalized.  Thats the entire purpose behind reading or watching a film.  The creator hopes to leave his/her audience a little more educated then they were before they heard the story.  The way in which its told is the trick, if it truely captivates the easier it is for the audience to understand its meaning.

    IE.  I can tell you that the United States was settled by europeans, and in doing so they stole the homes of many native american indians.  Until you read more of the details in how they were slaughtered, how new untreatable diseases were brought into their land and how they were forced out of the land that they were born you cannot begin to understand the cruelty of the whole situation.  Thats why stories are told, to shed new light through a different perspective so people learn.


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  • altairzqaltairzq Member Posts: 3,811

    And not only that, isn't him being sued for plagiarism? Seems he can't even think of an overused plot by himself. Or the story is so cliche you can find clones everywhere.

  • tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216

    it looks like a futuristic pocohantis movie. I'm not that excited about it.


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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718

    I agree with NoteNiceDino and Thrakk. The Dist 9 meets Ferngully nailed it. I'm quite suprised I remembered the big plot and everything of that movie. I forgot all about it. Yeah this is a plot that is over done, but I must say that the movie does look beautiful with a cast of very emotional characters...but yeah this looks like a disney movie in a way.

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