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Looking for MMO- Dont care if it's f2p, new, old, or browser-based... just FUN!

Angelof2070Angelof2070 Member Posts: 224

Listing what I like in MMO's and which ones had it, why I liked them, and what I disliked.



Like, but not required: Crafting.

In Everquest 2, you could craft a full suit of very good armor, or even "epic" (mastercrafted) armor, weapons, and food.

In Vanguard, you could do the same- it was just more grindy.

In WoW, it sucked. You COULD craft a full set- but it was crap compared to most of the other items. In EQ2 and Vanguard, the craftables were VERY good, even some of the best items in the game. WoW has maybe a BOOT out of a full set of armor that's the best.

I like crafting full sets. Being able to wear a complete set of armor that visually matches, weapons, all gear- self-sustaining and crafted.

I like crafting goofy, but useful things. FUN craftables. WoW had the Engineer- that was awesome! EQ2 had craftable FOOD, lol. "Troll Ooze and Frog Legs for dinner!!"


Like variety in races, classes, and able to look "cool" (Game's focus on appearance is nice) but not required.


REQUIREMENT: I really want an MMO that has that "adventure" feel. In UO I could be with a friend and be like "Lets go adventure!" grab a full set of hat/shirt/pants I bought at the tailor and dyed, and go out to explore the world and kill stuff.


  • howtolandhowtoland Member Posts: 92

    You want Fallen Earth, my friend.


    Crafting EVERYTHING, huge open world encouraging exploration, lots of adventure and mysteries to be found UO style...


    Yep. You want fallen earth.

  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    If you can get into it you may love runescape but most vets leave after 5 mins and dont really give it a chance but its the closest experience to UO. Other games i think might be a good match would be LOTRO and fallen earth.

  • RavZterzRavZterz Member UncommonPosts: 617

    You might wanna try Istaria out too.  It has its flaws but you might enjoy it.

    Make games you want to play.

  • metallihammetalliham Member Posts: 94

    Fallen Earth is worth the money for the crafting alone.

  • zeowyrmzeowyrm Member Posts: 746

    I vote LOTRO, if only because it sounds like you like to have your armor be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.  With LOTRO, you can have both, what with their cosmetic item system. 

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