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Quick Xbox360 and PS3 hardware question

brian72282brian72282 Member UncommonPosts: 783

I have both a 360 and PS3 on the way but read that neither comes with hdmi cables for connection to my TV.  Will any HDMI 1.3 cable work, or do I need to buy one of the company's ones for a special port on the units themselves?




  • zeowyrmzeowyrm Member Posts: 746

    Can't speak for the 360, as I don't own one, but any standard HDMI cable works fine for the PS3.  And most are much cheaper then the "official" sony one.

  • brian72282brian72282 Member UncommonPosts: 783

    That's exactly why I wanted to ask.  The list price for the Sony HDMI cables are $40, and I know for a fact that I can get standard HDMI cables for only $6.  Thanks for the confirmation on the PS3 side of things!

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