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You can't spell 'fun mmorpg' without 'group'!

dubledubdubledub Member Posts: 229

I just started my second character (elyos) because the first class I played didn't work out for me and as I got to verteron I thought I might just die of boredom. I'd done the same quests and seen the same mobs over and over again (played betas) and to be completely honest, the game felt like it was getting old already.

Then when stuck on some of the krall quests, and with the rest of my legion all on their only high level chars, I turned to a random stranger for help. As it turned out, I didn't just level quickly, complete the quests without dying and get some good experience in my new class - I had fun!

Those of you who are saying the game is getting old and that its quite boring I recommend the following steps:

1)  Join a legion! 

2) Find some people to make friends with - random people from all over the world are normally more than happy to group up and level a bit faster

3) Just have some fun please :) it's a game and I'd rather if you didn't bring my spirits down by complaining all the time


If none of them are for you well then I don't see how you can find any mmorpg fun - I know I couldn't..


  • jaxsundanejaxsundane Member Posts: 2,776

    Oh if only this was a problem Aion had alone there are constant complaints about not grouping in games yet very few games have quests where you are restricted from grouping.  Alot of games I've played have had mostly solo quests but that says nothing about how you do those quests.  If you group through the low level content you can often make more money and obviously access group quests usually after clearing out solo quests quickly.

      What I've found funny is sometimes those comments scream of a person who even behind a keyboard with an avatar as sexy as everyone elses they may be uncomfortable socializing.  Any game with a healthy pop can and will often have enough solo players that if you just ask someone will see it your way so let's all speak up and have fun. 

    but yeah, to call this game Fantastic is like calling Twilight the Godfather of vampire movies....

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