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heroes of gaia aka some sort of heroes of might and magic online

andreicdeandreicde Member Posts: 2

the game is at the following link

IGN: andreucde on forums , archercde ingame

Server: Theia

LINK TO YOUR Screenshot: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL](This Image shows me using my army against a small group of units guarding a resource)

Once you have more then 2200 fame you will be out of protection and you risk getting attacked by players or after 7 days if you didn't reached 2200 fame yet.

Heros of Gaia is a browser game made by Snail company. It's practically a travian but way more ameliorated since you can actually fight yourself so it's not just pixels only. The battles are based on tactics.Also, If you don't make any move your units will automaticlly fight but as in most of the games,computer is not the best at battles unless it's normal farming . In this game you start with your own castle and you have choice between 4 races: Humans,Undeads,Elves and Orcs. Humans are average all around, undeads have great melee units but they only get range at around tier 8 so very far ingame, Elves have best range ingame and Orcs have a weak range,strong melee but bad defense. You can also recruit heroes from taverns .They are the ones who carry your army. The hero has the following stats :Attack,Defense,Speed and Wisdom. They attack improves the attack of your units , the defense makes your units more resilient to attacks, the speed decides who starts first round of attacks and also your hero moves faster on the map and the wisdom gives gold to the castellan(2 more gold per Wisdom). Also there are 4 types of resources :Lumber,Ore,Sulfur and Crystal. They are gained from different daily tasks(quests) or from masses of resources that are seen on the map.They are guarded by different monsters and the higher the army guarding it,the better the resources are.They are also being pointed with small squares.More squares means more resources but better guarded.Also resources can be found from a few structures that are on the map Like WaterWheel and Windmill.They can both be accesed once daily .The windmill gives different resources while WaterWheel gives 2000 gold every time.The quests are pretty good but most of the time the degree of difficulty is too high at the level given so it's better to wait until later to make them.Some of those quests require different monsters killed while others can exchange some units for other ranged ones.That's the only way for undead to get range units daily and it gives more diversification for other classes. Also on the map we also items.Their color does not matter,only the level.The bigger the level it is,the higher the force guarding it stays there so most of the time it's better to wait for an army at least twice the force guarding it too try it if not better to prevent troops losing. The items quality is totally random,the level of the items depends of the level wrote on it. Lvl 1 is usually lvl 1-5,lvl 2 6-10,lvl 3 11-15,lvl 4 16+,and so on but at higher levels the levels grow up by way more.The quality of the item depends alot because having better items improves your army by alot.The color for the equipment are the following from the worse to best :White,blue,yellow,green,purple.

The next thing is the castle.The castle starts with only a few buildings and a few resources.The buildings are more or less helpful but they need to be well thinked.The main hall is the main building needed to be upgraded for advanced upgrades. Another building is the tavern. Higher level tavern means better heroes that can be recruited and more heroes. The level of the tavern can make the sort of heroes appear.The heroes are the same as the items. white are the normal average ones,purple are the best that are very hard to find. The heroes at the tavern reset every hour .They can have different color stats or colored names but a hero with a colored stuff would usually have a low overall so it's better to get a colored named hero. Now the arena is a place where you can arange your armies at the heroes ,you can revive dead troops because 75% of the troops revive when you fight monsters and your troops get killed,and 90% of the troops when it's against players. When you revive it only costs gold and time. Also in arena you can fight for honor but we are not sure what's good for yet. There is also an artifact seller buy I strongly encourage players to hunt for their own because the artifacts(items for hero) sold at shop are whites only.Also there is hero tower where hero can be equipped with the items and his stats/exp checked,and higher level hero tower means more exp for the hero. 1% more exp per level of hero tower.The next thing is the magic tower that has many upgrades for castle or for hero.The castle upgrades are passive while the hero ones need to be equipped on the hero and that hero to be put as cancellan. Also higher town hall means more gold per hour.A cancellan can get exp when troops/upgrades/buildings are completed .However to remain a castellan you need to remain in castle. In barrack you can upgrade battlements(towers) for defense.The higher the battlements there are,harder they will be to get destroyed and more losses the enemies will have if they attack you. Also there are mines around towns that can be conquered.At beginning it's 5,and it goes up with every rank you achieve.Every action or near gives you fame that's used to get higher ranks.Consider it a type of exp to ''level up''.When you get higher rank,you get more daily tasks and more ap daily and ap recovery. Ap is action points that are used to transport troops/resources between castles,attack monsters/players . Also at higher level fame and when the army is good enough,you can conquer other castles from players or ''abandoned'' castles that are guarded by monsters. The requirements are 2200 fame for 2nd castle,80000 for 3rd one,etc. If a player gets attacked by another at the castle and he loses it,the troops that died defending cannot be revived anymore.Also your 2nd castle can be conquered but not your main one.Several more options on the screen are the castle that gets you in a nice place to check your main area like here [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] . Inside you can see kingdom that shows you several informations including your castles,buildings,mines,heroes and how much ap is needed to transport troops from a castle to another,to abandon a mine or to dispatch a hero to another castle.

War section

Ok so you want to become a reckless undead who wants to rule the world , an elf who would see others bow down to him, a human who would control every player or an orc who wants to make everyone slaves or make some elf soup?Well this is the place for you.

At first to attack a player you need to declare battle.You'l need to wait 8 hours until you can attack or use a special card that can be bought from mall for a cheap price. When you click on an enemy castle,you have 3 options:Spy,attack and compose.Spy is getting informations that are influenced by your spying level at the magic tower and the number of spies. Attacks is simply raiding and compose is sending a message. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL].

Before attacking someone,be careful who it is and ALWAYS check the guild because an attack on a member can declare an entire guild war. A guild war can only be declared by guildmaster and it requires a waiting time of 8 hours but after, the members of the waring guilds can attack eachother at will without the need of declaring war. If you need defense,you can have 2 guildmates send you their armies to defend.However,the armies won't be together,but instead will be fought 1 by 1 without the help of your battlements. A good defense can crush a good attacker. Here is an example of attack that failed. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] . Here is an attack of a won battle BUT with big losses. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] .

Beside that,at high levels raiding is the only way to get good amounts of resources so finding a guild and growing up armies and the fame in the same time helps alot.Also always mix melee units and range because melee only or range only is very bad.For farming always use 6 formations of range and 1 of melee and if possible to have a good amount of archers or at least a good tier. Beside that, only 3 heroes can be used in the same time on the map and the number of heroes you can own depends of the fame. Also make the daily quests at low levels.They help alot with the units giving,the resources giving and the ap giving as reward.Also there is a quest where you can buy a chest but to open it you need a key or it will give you an error saying the inventory is full.They key can be received by exchanging 2 chests/lucky boxes for it.Also when you reach next rank,the daily quests reset.Also at -5 Eastern time, from 11:00 PM to 1:00 Am the Happy hour starts.What's the happy hour?it's halved ap needed for any action.So if you needed 66 ap to attack a player,you will only need 33 to attack the same player. A good strategy is to keep ap until then because you can make 2 times more actions then normally.Also every time you rank up,you receive another lucky box.Also there is also the Infos key that brings you 5 pages of the last actions you did.That can be good to see how many resources you lost from a raid or what army you lost while attacking a player.

Some additional futures are the ranks that shows the best in fame,army size,the best hero,the best cancellan hero(the best intellect hero),the aftermath(the most damage you did to the players as in the number of killed troops) and the war lover(how many times you attacked players). There are also ranks for the guild with most fame,the most lucky chests opened and the camp. Some other features include mail witch you use to send mails to friends or to enemies,the friend (friendlist) and even a help page that redirects to the forums.

The next part is the mall.The mall has big advantages but it requires currency that can be bought with real money. It can help alot specially at high levels. It can help you reduce the time needed for buildings to get built,a boost in resources growing,change of heroes in tavern instantly and and more nice bonuses.

If anything is missing please inform me.

Beside that,I think Heroes of gaia is a great game because it makes players interact and it has quite a good community. Also I would like to thank to the Evil guild for fighting with courage against us.Good job Evil and Hurray Unity for Life!

Sorry for my mistakes,I'm not a native English guy.It's my second language.

That's all -_-



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