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Is there a cash shop ?

TyrantasTyrantas Member UncommonPosts: 369

 Am i so blind or there isn't any cash shop and game is free and even without real cash shop ? Game went f2p, but i've heard they were planing to add cash shop when it goes f2p, but it's quite some time since it's f2p and i can't find cash shop.Well it's not to much of big deal for me, if there is a cash shop i would buy some xp pots or something, and if there isn't it's fine aswell since noone gets advantage. But if it's tottaly free and without a cash shop what makes em to keep server live ?

Can someone explain the situation for me please ? 


  • badchicnbadchicn Member Posts: 7

    Spellborn Goes Free to Play While in Redevelopment

    It happens sometimes; a really good game will slip through the cracks. There are a lot of reasons why this happens and I know you will have opinions, but I’m not here to talk about that.

    I feel like Spellborn was one of those games. A solid MMORPG with a twitch combat interface that meant that player skill actually mattered in PvP. Most of those who played it enjoyed it. And it did pretty well in the reviews online. It was originally a subscription based game with servers in EU and North America, and is now in redevelopment to be converted to a F2P. Acclaim still has servers running the original version and that is why I’m writing this.

    We felt like people missed out. They didn’t get to see what Spellborn was really like. And we are going to fix that.

    Today, as you read this, Spellborn as it currently exists is now free to play. Keep in mind that there will be no upgrades and no patches. It has become in effect, an Action RPG with superior Multiplayer. The only thing it will cost you to play is the time it takes to download.

    So play it.

    Now because it is frozen in time, we will be creating events for the players and we will help support any players that want to make their own events.

    And if you have thoughts on how we might make this version more enjoyable as we wait for the New free to play version, we are glad to listen.

    David Historian DeWald

    Community Manager

    Acclaim Games Inc.

    [email protected]


    Taken from the news on the front page.


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