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how is pk in this game

hi, i am looking for game that allows pk and has death penalty. is PW a game for me

please reply honestly. calm down i am not a pker, just need more adrenaline 

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  • vorashuvorashu Member Posts: 20

    pk in this game is a joke.  it is totally dependent on how much money you are willing to spend on this game.  if you dont plan on spending a minimum of $10k dont bother playing.

  • minix2poominix2poo Member Posts: 49

    Well PK /PvP really depends on how much money you spend on the game.

    For expl. i had an ElfArcher lvl 100 with a +10 CV Bow and full HH99 set all +8 refined. Other equips were also Gold/CV stuff. So common players under lvl 90 were mostly (depends on class) a 1shot, even 90+ players with poor equipment were commonly 1 to 2 shots with crits. But against MilitaryRank 8 Chars (only for the real rich guys :P), I never had any Chance to own them.  So, now its not hard to imagine what happens when a common player meets a MilitaryRank 8 player in PK/PvP. He will be BREAKFASTed.

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