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Gear Dependency is Everything?

I may have just had the sensation of an original idea that is in fact not... but how about this for an MMO:

No classes

No levels

No skills tied to a particular character (except maybe racials)

All skills come from gear.  Particular skills are tied to gear, such as a chest piece that gives you a basic instant heal, or some gloves that give you a special sword attack.  The better your gear, the more powerful mobs you can take, giving you better gear, etc etc.  You want to be a healer today?  Put on your gear that gives you heals.  You want to tank? Grab your tank gear.  Want to be a hybrid class? Get your healing chest, cc pants, aoe helmet, melee boots, stealth belt, etc etc.  That way you're never faced with rerolling because you are bored with your class.  No alts necessary.  Fewer issues with finding a healer or tank for group content.  It would wind up being sort of GuildWars-like due to the fact that you would have to choose a line-up of skills for the situation instead of having 50 at your disposal at any one time.  A very powerful item might actually give you two or three skills - maybe a combo.  No more skill trees.  



  • GamesmithGamesmith Member Posts: 67

    From what I understand, FFXIV is going to be like this.

  • arrecksarrecks Member Posts: 17

    So, all the iconic Final Fantasy classes (i.e. Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, Summoner, Thief, Ninja, etc etc) are going bye bye?

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