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Tell me your favorite character names!

Ok I'm sure this has been done thousands of times.  But, just for fun and my amusement on a Tuesday afternoon, state your favorite character/pet names.  No explanation necessary but welcomed.

One of mine:

Dumbledead - angry, dark-skinned, long white-haired/bearded, stinky-looking old human warlock (WoW)


  • IlvaldyrIlvaldyr Member CommonPosts: 2,142

    I have a couple of favourites.

    One of the most generically uninspired things an MMO player can do is make an elven archer/hunter called "Legolas" (with a variety of outlandish and stupid spelling)

    "Legless" the drunken dwarf hunter was a welcome respite.

    I also remember seeing a dwarf hunter called "Crockett" with a pet bear called "Tubbs". That made me giggle more than it probably should have.

    Playing: EVE, Final Fantasy 13, Uncharted 2, Need for Speed: Shift
  • garbonzogarbonzo Member Posts: 260

    Legless LMAO

    I had a dwarf hunter name Dinzdale, and he had a pet bear named Spinynorman.  It's a pretty obscure Monty Python Flying Circus reference but I had a good laugh with the one guy who got it in 2 years of playing that character.  

  • garbonzogarbonzo Member Posts: 260

    Sometimes the most mundane names make me laugh since they're so out of place in a high-fantasy world.

    Had this Aion character: fat and frumpy, huge jowls and no chin, dark skin and a giant pink pompodore hairdo, intense beady little eyes.  It was hilarious when he danced - looked like some fat guy strayed onto the set of a Bollywood film and busted out some moves that were designed for some athletic adonis figure. 

    And his name was...Earl.  Just Earl.  Made me laugh, anyway.

  • ruiner12ruiner12 Member Posts: 40

    My favorite name has always been Deathbysnoosnoo. Ever since I saw that episode of Futurama I have loves it, and I make it all of my characters. I love games that say "You have been killed by _______." Even more. Then I make the name Snoosnoo so people know how they were killed and how intense it must of been :)

  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194


    This is always my first choice, knowing that with a name like that everyone will drop to their knees (no....not for that) to worship me

  • xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078

    xpowderx list of character names.. Some cool, some not so cool..

    My favorites first.


    Maidden                                       Diabolique

    Devious                                        Mobius

    Glitter                                            Grimwar

    Stangkilla                                     R3llk

    Tumbler                                       Onyx

    Heartless                                    Pandemonium

    Stabngrab                                   Ripper


    Now some RP names I have used.

    Grimstone Boulderbender                                         Blackstone Bladefury

    Sophia Spirithunter                                                     

    My humorous names:

    Ironballs                                     Holyballs

    Evilpoptart                                  Twinkletoes

    Pipsqueek                                 Uberdot

    My Twink names.

    Rocku                                        Rockuhard

    0wNz3R                                    ¥ô//zÅ


    These are just a sample of names I have used in the past 13 years or so. Of course I have my share of powergamer names like Destiny, Purity.. ect.. But who does not?


    Ohh yes.. cannot forget the name of my pet.. Always the same name regardless of what it is..  the best pet name!!! STUDMUFFIN!!

    Nothing more amusing than seeing combat spam of

    ::Reinheart was bitten for 967 damage by Studmuffin

    ::Reinheart was clawed for 633 damage by Studmuffin

    ::Reinheart DIED!! 

    ::Reinheart was just killed by Studmuffin!!!!

    In WOW my characters may not be well known. But my pet Studmuffin was the CRAZE among many PVPers for a while. Is well known among many servers! At one point it brought fear to many pvpers. Especially pre WOTLK. Studmuffin was my Uber Epic Ravager prior to then. Was running 16k hps and had fantastic attack and defensive ability.



  • garbonzogarbonzo Member Posts: 260

    Combat text lol.  My favorite pet is a nasty wolf named Birthdaycake.  I imagine that makes for some funny combat text.   

  • abyss610abyss610 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,131

    well i'm a Mike Patton fanatic and my favorite 2 names for in games are

    Vlad Drac, its not some emo goth name, it was the fake name Mike Patton used in the band Mr Bungle for their first album.

    and Fantomas, its one of like 9 different bands Mike Patton sings in.

  • Moldy2Moldy2 Member Posts: 73

     Well my most common name is Mistapibb (awesome drink) and usually when i have a pet, i like to name him Doctapeppa... shows my commitment to soft drinks

  • garbonzogarbonzo Member Posts: 260

     Then there are those names with a backstory you'd never guess..

    I was staying in a very small hotel room with my new girlfriend for 12 days.  Tiny room with a tiny bathroom.  Well, we didn't know each other THAT well, so we decided to invent a codeword for when we needed some..uh..private time in the bathroom.  So we basically made a whole story about "Mr. Stankington" in a really bad English accent.  From then on, if the other one mentioned going to see Mr. Stankington, you knew it was time to take a walk...

    A month later I made my favorite warlock named...Stankington.  It spawned a little "movement" on my WoW server, because I quickly saw a new bankbot called "Bankington," a healer called "Healington," and several others.  I laughed to myself everytime I saw them...if they only knew where the original inspiration came from.. 

  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Member Posts: 1,214

    Piritien Pynk - Female woodelf Ranger that wore a full set of hot pink armor.

    Maggotbuffet - Undead Priest

    This may offend some, but I had a human priest in WoW (stayed at lvl 1), near the end of my time in that game I made out of boredom named Peteophile. I ran him around a few times in Stormwind chasing those NPC little boys that ran around. Or following the apparent school teacher and group of kids.


    I have a sick sense of humor, and as I said, I was bored and it just came to me. A lot of people got it and laughed, a few threatened a report, which I can't really completely blame them. I only did it two or three times for maybe a grand total of 10 minutes. Erased him before I got possibly banned for it.

  • lovemehatemelovemehateme Member Posts: 19

    earl really got me..

    it's just like he was so serious in naming his character probably after him lol..

    well my favorite name is lovemeORhateme and di3b3yotch..

    and sometimes my name Alellie..

  • AercusAercus Member UncommonPosts: 775

    A friend of mine which is very good at FPS games goes by the nick Lag. And yes, Lag kills you every time.

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