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ENB - This post is for all who love and miss it!

AFvetAFvet Member Posts: 4

Hi all,

I would just like to say for all the "nay-sayers" that for the time E&B was released it was a very good game... in fact, a GREAT game! Many thousands of players loved the game and were sick at heart the day EA Games sent the final message...

                                                           "DIsconnected From Server"

We all celebrated many good times and many sad times, Specifically the "Columbia" Disaster.

Now, here's a little secret...


Stress Test 3: ACTIVE

Just understand that when you come back to the game, it is in a very early stage of re-development and some things don't work. And... some things don't work right.  It's not perfect but we are working day and night to bring the game back to it's original potential and we are planning ALL KINDS of new content.... But, just being able to see Megan's pretty face and hear that sweet sexy voice say... "You know what I need." (no offense Dori) is enough to put goosebumps on the back of your neck - just like it was the first time you fired it up.

All races and classes work, and if you use the Character & Starship Creator you can achieve the extra classes in the game that were not available in "Live."

So, for all you old players of Earth & Beyond, come feed your fantasy! Rejoin your friends and comrads! WE need your help! The more people player the more we push the server and when those bugs get fixed we have a better game! So this is an open invitation for everyone who has played or who has never played. And, for those who haven't played or find they don't like it, don't complain, just quit playing :)


See you INGAME!


[GM] AF_Vet

Lv150 Jenquai Explorer

Server: Galileo


Earth And Beyond Emulator


  • AFvetAFvet Member Posts: 4

    Hey all,

    I've just been informed that the link I posted to the forum thread only works wihen you are logged in to the website. So, go create yourself an account and paste that link into your address window once you're logged on.


    Good luck and hope to see you soon,

    [GM] AFvet

    Lv150 Jenquai Explorer

    Server: Galileo

    Earth And Beyond Emulator

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