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Do the quiz, Enter for a randomly chance to win MW2.

ZonuletZonulet Member Posts: 2

Click Here Do the quiz, Get entered for a randomly chance to win Mw2.


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  • GruntyGrunty Member RarePosts: 8,493

    The contest is for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 /not/ Mech Warrior 2.

    Here is the website link without the referral code attached.


    The Multiple choice questions you'll need to answer: As for the answers, find 'em yourself.

    1. Who is the developer behind MW2?

    * Infinity Ward

    * Treyarch

    * Activision

    * EA

    2. Which platforms is MW2 being released for?

    * Xbox 360 and PS3

    * Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii

    * PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

    * PS3, Xbox 360 and DS

    3. What is the release date for MW2?

    * November 8th 2009

    * November 10th 2009

    * November 22nd 2009

    * November 28th 2009

    4. Who is the well-known community manager / creative strategist for MW2?

    * fourzerotwo

    * CliffyB

    * Major Nelson

    * There isn't one

    5. Which of these is a confirmed new feature in the game?

    * Military jet pack

    * Cluster bombs

    * Upgradable kevlar

    * Dual-wield handguns

    6. What is the name of the MW2 comic book series being released?

    * Modern Warfare 2: Galaxy

    * Modern Warfare 2: Splinter

    * Modern Warfare 2: Ghost

    * Modern Warfare 2: Freedom

    7. The MW2 dev team are using the same IW 4.0 game engine as used in COD4.

    * True

    * False - it's one iteration on

    * False - it's a rewrite

    * This information hasn't been confirmed

    8. Who is publishing the game in Japan?

    * Activision JP

    * Square Enix

    * Electronic Arts

    * It's not being published in Japan

    9. What is the name of your new unit in MW2?

    * Task Force 141

    * Squad 141

    * Special Ops 141

    * Special Air Service 141

    10. Who will you play as during the MW2 single-player campaign?

    * Captain "Soap" MacTavish

    * Captain Price

    * Robert Bowling

    * Sargeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson


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