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when will this be released?

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

 ok i was checking out cryteck because i have tried cryengine 1 game aion .great game but cryengine isnt well implemented in the game

ssame for cryengine 2 ,i was like i ll go play entropia universe instead but again i was having very bad issue and only one thing link aion and entropia universe and its cryengine 

so i say to my self i ll go see their site ,lol lost of time there since we cant really update anything from there 

but then i stumble upon one of their sub it it shaows verious game maker and one of these was this one

and i saw one of their video here

i love the video when is this game schedule to be released ?

will cryengine be improved be it 1,2 or 3  because right now all cryengine game i played had bad issue 

and no not because of game maker but because of the cryerngine it self!

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