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VN's: Saya no Uta

WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

I don't really know if anyone here plays VN's or is interested in them,

but I just finished playing through Saya no Uta (was a bitch to get working in english) and now my mind is all kinds of fucked up. I literally don't think I can eat or sleep for tonight.

honestly I don't think I can play through it again to see the other endings, i haven't felt this stressed after watching/playing/reading anything..

That being said this game is amazing for putting me through that much emotion, the only thing I can complain about is the erotic scenes, which just felt out of place considering all the crap that was going on.

Has anyone else played this? How did you feel/react afterwards?



  • MyskMysk Member Posts: 982


    Sure. I got curious over all the talk about something so I checked it out.  It turned out to be a very moving story that kept me awake.  Like the one that you mentioned, the erotic scenes were completely arbitrary.  I guess some folks get off on that?  It's a damn shame, because it could be main stream.

    Oh well.  Such as is.

    After being surprised at the quality of the story I decided to check a second and it was laughable, so I haven't tried any of the others.

  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    i play some VNs every now and then. a friend of mine tried to hook me into Saya no Uta, but i backed out when he quoted some text from a scene in the game. im still marginally interested tho. just need to get over being squimish XD


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