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johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Member CommonPosts: 2,663

Finally a game where roleplaying and teamwork are key. It's a shame that the game never got much attention and the community has died down quite a bit. It does run on Java, like Wurm, and the graphics aren't great, but as far as I've seen, the game has a lot of potential to be in depth.


It was released 7 years ago and up until last year had been worked on constantly to keep people and GMs active, with in game events led by GMs every Saturday at 12 pm CST.

The site may seem dead, and the forum was taken down due to spam bots, but it's not updated often as the developer has hit some hardships. If you sign up, you should get an account within 48 hours.

The key features list would be enough to hook some:

The game has potential. It just doesn't have the community it needs right now. It's probably largely in part to being a graphical MUD run on donations rather than what we know as MMORPGs.

Here are some screenshots:

I just wanna be able to have people to play the game with on a regular basis. It seems like it would be good fun, but a lot of the game is based on community, which isn't quite what it used to be, even though the game never underwent any massive, game-changing changes.


  • LudipeLudipe Member UncommonPosts: 109

    The game looks awesome(Similar to a 2D game i am developing with some friends).


    Sending the e-mail right now to get my account.

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