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Do You Like The Design Of The New Alienwares?



  • DoomsayerDoomsayer Member Posts: 344

    Look, over the last few months I priced lots of computers. I did a lot of looking at Alienware products. In the end, I purchased all my components from Newegg and built it myself. I had never built a computer before. It was easy and I would do it again in a heartbeat. When the new Alienware lines came out I did a price comparison of a similar spec to the one I built. It would have cost $1200 dollars more just to get the Alienware name stamped on it. Even the case design I have looks way cooler than the Alienware ones. I had several people who saw my computer ask if it WAS Alienware. Heh...I found that amusing.

    Building a computer is not difficult. Requires barely any tools. And you get to choose each and every part and manufacturer you want. Ensuring you are getting what you are paying for. That cannot be said about any prebuilt machine from any company, including Alienware.

    Don't get drawn in by the brand name. In the end, you can have the computer you want for much cheaper along with the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Like I said, I had never done it before...but, I ended up enjoying the whole build process.


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  • skeaserskeaser Member UncommonPosts: 4,011

    I've liked their case designs up until now. These new ones just look awful to me.

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  • VyavaVyava Member Posts: 893
    Originally posted by Ephimero

    Ok, so you dont know how to build a computer? Get someone to build it for you and save 950$ instead of saving 1000$.


    Or goto one of the many independent computer repair stores available. Most will build you a comp for a flat fee to any spec you want. It may cost you $150 or so, but compared to Alienware or iBuypower and such you will still come out ahead.

    Just because Alienware, Bestbuy and others advertise constatnly does not make then the only option. Open up the phone book and actually price shop.

  • gothagotha Member UncommonPosts: 1,066

    I do not buy alien ware cause i don't like my computers looking like they are going to abduct and annal probe people in their off time.

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