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GW2 Onlinewelten interview part 2

illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

part 2 of GW2 interview by
interesting tidbits i picked up:

  • we will be fighting Zhaitan only for the initial GW2 release, not including the other elder dragons.  maybe expansions will deal with the other dragons.
  • day and night cycles will NOT be 24hours and there will be weather effects
  • no factions 
  • there is at least ONE dwarf active in GW2
  • an easily obtainable consumable item will be used to breathe underwater
  • skill used by Charr at the end of the trailer will not be player useable
  • GW2 has significantly larger areas than GW1, so expect long distances between "zone bopundaries"
  • "asura warriror will be just as effective as a norn warrior", no class restrictions for each race
  • event system conceived way back when they were planning for Utopia
  • no chronomancer for GW2

Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

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