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Nifty Idea - Haven't made a final decision to keep playing or not

nostonosto Member Posts: 15

This game is pretty fun!  I recommend to at least check it out.  I mean it is free to start so you can at least get an idea of what is going on.  The only concern I have is that I can't play it at work.  I know thats funny to say but if this game is webbased - it could be updated to work.  I am able to play all of the facebook attachment games that are flash based just as well but for some reason I can't connect to this one.


You start a fauna and walk around and kill polution and dig up food and eat the food to have more energy to kill the pollution.  Monsters drop pieces of ground so you can build onto your faunasphere and make it bigger.  After so long your fauna will lay an egg and then you need to hatch it.  The fauna baby is determined by the egg laying fauna's dna.

Nifty idea - check it out!



  • nostonosto Member Posts: 15

    So I went ahead and played more in depth.  There are tons of quests for you as a caretaker to do and you develop your fauna's genes through gene food.  You can also mix eggs to develop the new types from the initial (turtle, horse, dog).  My wife and I spend a lot more time on this game than we should.  If only we could connect from work.

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