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Dofus: Re-Review

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696's Vitaliy Dikker writes this re-review of Ankama's Dofus, the turn-based, 2D MMO that packs more punch than some might think at first look.

Dofus is a tactical strategy MMORPG which is set in an anime inspired world. What may at first seem on the outside to be a playful and cute little game is actually an extremely well planned and executed rich game world. It features extensive economy, exploration, both PvP and PvE systems, complex social systems including but not limited to guilds and alliances, quests, exceptionally rewarding crafting systems and a multitude of well balanced character classes each with a number of possibilities in own character builds. Dofus can be experienced F2P for approximately the first few months of casual play, after which chances are you will be pulled into it and wanting more. P2P is very affordable compared to most other games on the market and opens up full exploration mode and all of the game's features to the player.

Read the Dofus Re-Review

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • imouthosimouthos Member Posts: 25

    Don't you think you guys should have waited until the new version launches in December? Also, while a pretty good review, I think you should mention the frenglish that is present in much of the dialogue. It doesn't make the quest as unintelligible as say even some of the more adequate translations of korean to english, but it does still makes you wonder about the wording sometimes.

  • NosferazielNosferaziel Member Posts: 64

     I agree with imouthos, given that Dofus 2.00 launch on december it would have been best to review it at that time.

    I don't think we could say there's no grind in Dofus : it's not an Korean F2P but you'll still have to kill a huge number of mobs to lvl up and the gathering skills could be a real pain to level (mining for instance)

    However, Dofus is a real good game that is highly understimated.

  • bboneheaddbboneheadd Member Posts: 116

    Very nice game indeed underestimated That's for sure, graphics must be a turn off for most  players to actually check it out but hopefully this review will help the game out a bit :)


    Oh and I know I haven't played dofus in a while but they have good quest system now ? :O last I remember dofus had very unrewarding quests.

  • velimiriusvelimirius Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Hm dunno,but graphics of that game were always nice to me,never for turn off,maybe they are for "pros" who like playing HD games...

    game always had something cool in it,what made me play it from time to time and enjoy it :)

  • NosferazielNosferaziel Member Posts: 64

     They had a lot of quest recently, including 'alignement' quests (PVP quests).

    I guess that with Dofus 2.00 people will start to see Dofus in a different way, let's wait till december !

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