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Anybody get the Art Book yet for Guild Wars 2? if So shere some info with us

tro44_1tro44_1 Member Posts: 1,819

Share some info with us.

Any info you have gotten from the art?



  • KwintpodKwintpod Member Posts: 262
  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 790

     I got a signed copy at PaX in Seattle.  It's very well done with tons of artwork and descriptions in a hard cover book.

  • BattleFelonBattleFelon Member Posts: 483

    Briefly borrowed my friend's book - if you love GW it's definitely a decent buy. Lots of beautiful artwork and cool ideas.

    Here are some of my observations looking at the new artwork: (and keep in mind the book only gives brief descriptions)

    1. The Charr now own all of Ascalon, except for a few human strongholds. The Charr are also highly advanced technologically, with tank-like warmachines, cannons, and guns.

    2. If you want to play as a human, you'll start in Kryta in a major city called Divinity's Reach. It looks similar to Gondor in the Lord of the Rings movie. This is the same country that Lion's Arch is in, although Lion's Arch was flooded and has become a pirate hang-out. The humans now have a Rennaissance look in their clothing and armor.

    3. The book finally shows more info on the Sylvari, who are these magical children of nature who live in the Maguuma Jungle. The Sylvari seem like a mix between night elves and faeries. Interestingly enough, you can play a necromancer as a Sylvari as some of them believe in the balance between dark and light. Of course, there's a group of evil Sylvari who have broken off to form the "Nightmare Court."

    4. The Norn are pretty much the Norn - same Viking look and feel as they had in EOTN. But now you'll be able to play them.

    5. Asura haven't changed that much either, except they look a lot meaner now. Also, the book shows some pictures of giant constructs.

    6. It looks like a lot of the endgame will take place in Orr, which has risen from the deep and has been taken over by a massive giant Dragon. It's now a huge and twisted undead city.

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