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Aion recieving bad reviews?



  • AgtSmithAgtSmith Sarasota, FLMember Posts: 1,498
    Originally posted by 7earitup

     Don't play if you do not like PVP. We do not want you here anyways.


    I think both your comments are disingenuous.  First, you do want people as without people PvP doesn't work and especially Aion style PvP that is heavily dependent on having lower level players populating the low/mid and higher zones for rifting.  As for the don't play if you don't like PvP, it should read don't play if you don't like [large] group PvP.  you might also say don't play if you don't like mismatched or gank type PvP as, for the most part, Aion PvP is absolutely be about the power and numbers of groups in PvP and little else.  That alone doesn't make it bad, just makes it for some folks and not for others, but the idea that if you don't like Aion PvP you are a carebear or otherwise don't like PvP in general is no accurate.

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  • djazzydjazzy louisville, COMember Posts: 3,578
    Originally posted by Sovrath

    Originally posted by junzo316

    Originally posted by Kaisen_Dexx

     Can we get some links to the Reviews you are speaking of?


    Can you reach max level in these riftless zones?  Or do you need to go into zones where rifts appear in order to advance your toon?


    I've been told that you can reach max level in the riftless zones. The mobs there certainly do go quite high. However, I am unsure of how many quests are in these zones. There are certainly some.

    edit: doing some searching it seems that some of the info is out of date. There are higher level quests in Theoboms for example 48+, etc. There are also some higher lvl pve only instances.



    You'd have to do a lot of grinding in order to do that. There are repeatable quests but the xp those quests grant are the equivilant of killing 2 monsters.

  • emmarockfanemmarockfan west bend, WIMember UncommonPosts: 2

    This Game Sucks. The Beging Area is so boring, Its unbeliveably unable to solo. In any other MMO u have solo capability and than u have the MMO part of the game witch is to team up on unsoloable quest. A warrior and its class subs are so week. I got so bored with this game and im not saying that people should now buy the game. COuse i belive they should couse its a game and each player has its own view on a game. I also cant stand Anime and its mostly anime. So its my opinion nothing u guys can say can make me want to play it. So far i only like War and Wow and the classic MMOs. The new MMOs these days are trying to improve the game play but realy its not working. Its becomming realy boring. Now some new games are fun but Aion not my cup of tea. Sorry Aion Fans.

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