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why does nothing happen when you enter your acct info at launch..

oddjobs74oddjobs74 tampa, FLMember Posts: 526

It will either just freeze or disconnet me from the server. I cant ask about it on the official forums because I do not have a character to select. This is largley due to the fact that I cant log into the game to create one..

I do not get any arror message of any kind.

NCSoft wins best innovative feature for 2009.. keep people from being angry on the forums when the game dosent work lol.

Ah well, does anyone know a way arround that?


  • koira1koira1 Member UncommonPosts: 264

    try logging in when servers arent down

  • oddjobs74oddjobs74 tampa, FLMember Posts: 526

    I see no indication that servers are down.. do they have this listed on their site someplace?

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