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Im tempted...

DatastormDatastorm Member Posts: 13

Hey everyone, for some time now i have been thinking about returning to EVE, I left before because my corp disbanded and my alliance wasn't very active and I ran out of RL money. Anyway I kept getting tempted to come back but the thought of messing around finding a good corp and ending up just running missions or mining by myself put me off, however I got an email a few days ago from my eve character asking me to come back and spend my hard earned ISK and offered me a free day to do it with plenty of hints and buying PLEXs.

This has brought me round to the idea again and would like to ask if anyone here is in/runs a good corp/alliance that has both empire and low/null sec ops that could use another member. You could talk me into cmoing back. My main Char is around 25mill sp... i think :S and i have been hanging around Gallente space mainly but could relocate... over time. I have a carrier but have rarely used it because of the lack of support from corp/alliance members, i also have an orca and a hulk miner alt but i may not reactivate my alt account until I'm set up and back into the swing of things.

Im off to bed now, having an early night for once. Please feel free to PM me or post here if you have any ideas or suggestions.


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