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Looking for a fast paced pvp game ? Bored of boring old WoW and what not ? Check this out!

Jdogg9kJdogg9k Member Posts: 5

There's this game called The Legend of Ares , amazingly entertaining , simple and fast pvp plus u don't need to be that fast on a keyboard / mouse . Unfortunately , the game closed down recently due to the idiocracy of it's hosting company . Although , there is a chance that it might come back , if you want it back u can post here http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?t=500077 . Even if u don't like it just help the cause , i'm pretty sure any pure blooded pvp'er would love this game .

Here's a video I made personally 2 years ago : - http://blip.tv/file/518893

I'm personally sorry if anyone thought this was a waste of time , I'm just another person trying to help the gaming community and since this game was considered one of the best MMO's out there when it was first released i figured you guys should know about it . There are many more videos of the game that you can see on youtube / blip.tv just search for Legend of Ares . Thanks , My Apologies.


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