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Do you believe in the Death Clock as to the time you have left on earth?

Do You Believe In Your Death Clock?   http://deathclock.com/

Some say that death clock quizzes are an internet phenomena. Others say they are gloomy and frightening. Some say that inside each person, there is a unique inquisitiveness to know how, when, where, or why he or she will die. So, this is what practically makes the death clock quizzes so interesting. But does it really tell you the truth?

Basically what the death clock quizzes involve is it is program that attempts to estimate the day you will breathe your last breath, and obviously this date is impossible to be determined. Death clock quizzes use numerous factors to calculate your death day, things like your present lifestyle, whether you are male or female, your current age, choices that you've made (e.g. do you take drugs?, do you participate in promiscuous sex?, do you smoke? do you partake in risky activities?, do you eat healthy?, etc) and lots of other aspects that can amplify or reduce your life expectation date on the death clock quizzes.

Many people think that this death clock is a total mislead. And of course, they are right. It is a total lie. The truth is that this is even stupid. Nobody can tell you when you will die. Only God knows that, just as only He knew when you will be born, even before you were born. You just don't have to trust anyone else, but God for the protection of your life.

They will not only mislead you, but may also bring a curse to your life- the curse of constantly thinking about the day of your death and the feeling that you may die in every single moment. You should beware of these things. The death clock quizzes are on its very surface a very stupid and exploiting thing! Just think about it for a while... Who can tell you when you will die? That's even ridiculous! And why should you be interested in that? Shouldn't you better just want to live your live like a normal person?

The death clock quizzes are just another way for people to make money on the back of the stupid and naive individuals. Don't believe them. Read the Bible and have a blessed life! This is the only Book, which tells you how you can really have a long and blessed life! It is simple- you have to keep the 10 Commandments!

Don't believe that when death clock quizzes tell you the date of your death, it will happen exactly then. Just think about it... what if it happens before or after that? I will tell you what... you will have lived in vain, always scared from the death, not living your life like a normal human being, but believing in the lies of the death clock quizzes.

Just think about it... death clock quizzes, which will lie to you, or God, who will protect your life? Isn't it better to trust in God, whose Word in the Bible, was chased for more than 21 centuries and was never destroyed than believing in stupid lies, which will for sure destroy your life!

Plz let know your opinion,do you believe it or not ?




  • amyloveamylove Member Posts: 8

    You shouldn't talk about death.....there might be some people around that might misunderstood you and you might find them at your door.

    Love never dies.

  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

    I might have more confidence if it didn't need to know when I was born first !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ironicfunironicfun Member Posts: 7

    there already here.they call them self genetics. my death had been pre determined. by my genes. I can only hope to slow the process. spooky huh....


  • beckhambeckham Member Posts: 68

    i know the only thing now ,i am  alive.

  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

    I don't care.

    I don't expect living for 120 ages, 100 is enough for me. LOL

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    I don't, i think its just for fun really..but I know School Days had a nice boat!

    It would be nice to know they day im going to die though, so I could set my priorties and find a way to bring down as many people as I possibly can with me.


  • ChealarChealar Member Posts: 268

    Ok, I'll probably be viewed as a troll, but ...

    Do you really need to insert so many reference to God and the Christian Bible? Couldn't you be a bit more generic, for the sake's of other religions and the atheists?

    Besides, what is the point of this post? Why take so much time writing such a long message if you are nor obsessed withthis clock yourself? Are you really trying to talk anyone but yourself out of using them?


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