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Gaming around Xmas.

xanphiaxanphia Member Posts: 684

So I'll be picking up a new mmo come around middle December. I know there a lot coming out in that time and some that just came out or are getting expansions.

I've played WoW, Lineage II,Tabula Rasa, Guild Wars, some F2P etc, etc.

I'm looking for what most people think will be the best game come that time. Not just 'new' game but best game. I've been looking at Fallen Earth and have been intrigued by its' crafting and combat system. Aion seems too WoW for me and I played that for a long while, but I'm not sure how I will stomach another game so similar. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Alot of good games are coming up and pretty much all of them dont have a release date so really hard to tell, i would say check out fallen earth at that time since they most likely wouldve released there 4th sector by then

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