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I've got a funny feeling about this..

GrandoReaperGrandoReaper Member UncommonPosts: 147

Literally, I have been interested in playing some various MMO's but I am too weirded out to try them out.  Aside from the fact I dont want to throw money in the pit of no return because I'm not made of it.  I am going to list the games that I have an interest in playing, granted I have already tried them but I want to know what they are like current day because after playing EQ up until Gates of Discord I know how much a expansion can turn a MMO around.  I dont find anything bad about them when I am researching, but I just have that funny feeling to keep away you know?

Asheron's Call - I have always been very interested in playing this game, I tried it at a friends house for about an hour and didnt really get any idea on how to play but I enjoy the graphics.  I'm not too worried about subscriber numbers but the only thing that holds me back from this game is that I am scared it will be shut down soon just as Asheron's Call was.  Shadowbane I believe had close to the same amount of subscribers before it went F2P and that got shut down.  I'd like to know this games current stability, I mean I want to play it for atleast two or three years straight if I get started.

Ultima Online - This is pretty much the first MMO I have played, I played it for about half a year and still was just blown away on how to play it.  The biggest issue I had with this game is when I went adventuring into random forests and mountains I would have to walk through a forest and mountain of housing buildings.  I would like to know if this is even worth going back to, not by today's standards but by yesterday's standards before all of these mainstream games.

Saga of Ryzom - More of a curiosity than anything, I havent tried this game but from what I can tell it is basically an editor.  I guess its the purest form of a sandbox game in my current opinion.  It would be nice to know anything about this game's current stability and features that would make it playable for the long term.



  • DawnsingerDawnsinger Member Posts: 212

    Ultima Online ( happy ) shards are good.

    I'd suggest you have a chuck at my signature, though.

    The Best New Sandbox Game Out There.

  • GrandoReaperGrandoReaper Member UncommonPosts: 147
    Originally posted by Dawnsinger

    Ultima Online ( happy ) shards are good.
    I'd suggest you have a chuck at my signature, though.


    What do you mean when you say happy?  As in non-pvp shards?


  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    I can't speak on the the first two, but I can tell you a bit about Ryzom. Ryzom was on death's door for a while, but a new developer has taken over and made some improvements, with more promised. It's no longer F2P, but is still relatively cheap for P2P.

    Ryzom's not just an editor, although you can create your own scenarios. Those scenarios are not part of Atys though, and must be served by you.

    Ryzom is a crafter's/explorer's/socializer's MMO. It has PvP in it, but it's not like WoW, WAR or Aion's PvP. Guilds can attack or defend outposts controlled by other guilds. There are two major factions. Guilds can be aligned with either one, or be neutral. There are advantages/disadvantages with either choice. There are also duels and such, but it's not a major focus of the game.

    The crafting is very deep, but not so much that it's hard to grasp. Harvesting is tricky at first, but rewarding. There are many different types of materials and different qualities of materials, each with their own stats that can be combined in many different ways. The combinations affect item stats, quality, level and even color. Some are only available in certain places, or at certain times or even in certain kinds of weather.

    The world is large and dangerous and begs to be explored. If you haven't been to a certain part of the world, there is no quick travel available. You'll need to trek across the world to get there. Without help, you WILL die trying to make it there. So treks are organized to ferry newer players from one zone to another. Each trek can take up to a few hours.

    The animals in Ryzom aren't just dumb mobs either. They herd and migrate together. They sleep. They'll come check you out if you're near. Some will even sniff you, kick dirt on you or take a leak on you! On the mainland they protect each other too, so you can't easily single one mob out of a group and beat it down while the others stand around not noticing. There are predators and herbivores. The predators hunt the herbivores and you if you get too close. Even certain plants will defend themselves if attacked.

    Even though Ryzom is five years old, it still has one of the most "alive" worlds in any MMO I've tried to date. The community is small, but very tight-knit, supportive and friendly.

    Anyway, that's enough of a wall of text for you. There's a free three week trial too, so you've got plenty of time to check things out.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that there are no classes, just an extremely deep skill tree that takes years to fully master. Also, you can customize your actions. As you level up your skills, you learn new stanzas. You can mix and match them to create your own skills. It's a really cool idea, that I have yet to see in another MMO.

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