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Can Heroes of Newerth defeat Dota?

Heroes of Newerth from Savage creator S2 Games is the next online game to try to succeed the DOTA mod. The game is apparently taking the approach of trying to re-create the authentic feel of the DOTA mod while updating the graphics. Much of the interface and gameplay seems to stay very true to the original mod with the blessing of "IceFrog," a key contributor to the DOTA mod and community.

HON is basically a polished version of DOTA with the DOTA heroes. One of my friends is on the beta, nad told me about a hero called Ice Phoenix in LOL. He has some really gnarly skills that are totally different from anything in DOTA or HON and which he said are really fun and skill based. 


Will you try this HON? I love Dota and  have played for a long time,who can gimme a HON beta key? i wanna have a check .




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